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Jermane Scott has been in prison for 21 years now for a crime he did not commit. Jermane Scott is an innocent man who belongs at home with his family. Help give this man his life back and seek the justice he so desperately deserves.

Jermane Scott is a 39year old man born in Springfield OH. Jermane was sent to prison more than 20 years ago for a crime he did not commit.

20 yrs ago (19 year old) Jermane was sentenced to LIFE (with no chance of parole) for a murder he didn't commit. He was sentenced to the Death Penalty but for reasons unknown (still to this day) the death penalty was dropped after initial sentencing. However he will die in prison of old age unless we help him. He has maintained his innocence from the get go. Jermane is innocent and has persistently maintained this throughout the investigation, trial and every day since of his 21 years alone in a dark damp and dismal prison cell. All physical evidence proved his innocence, the words and lies of 2 State witnesses were all it took to seal Jermanes fate and future. We have since discovered many witness statements left unheard (in court and by the Jury) which would have no doubt been able to prove Jermanes innocence or at least proved insufficient evidence of Jermanes involvement (and cast doubt on the polices believed time line of events) and enough evidence to prove other suspects had been involved instead. Key pieces of physical evidence (fingerprints/blood stains and fibres) had/have been left untested (LE failing to test physical evidence found at crime scenes) which would have no doubt proved Jermanes innocence and also confirmed other suspects potential involvement . Again these key pieces of evidence were kept hidden from the Jury at his trial. Jermane Scott had an unfair and biased trial with LE picking and choosing which pieces of evidence and witnesses to use and which pieces to not use to make sure they got the outcome they wanted regardless of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This was Jermanes  First (and ONLY) Offence. We are a small team of supporters/family and loved ones who have spent many years trying desperately to prove Jermanes innocence and wrongful conviction and to obtain legal representation for him. None of us have legal experience but we do have the strong knowledge, facts and belief that two great crimes were committed. The murder of an innocent man and also the wrongful conviction of an innocent boy. 


We know with the help of  legal representation we have already uncovered enough new evidence to be granted a re-trail and prove that Jermane is not only innocent but that many grave errors were made by ALL Law Enforcement and Court officials connected to this investigation and trial 21 years ago. However we need legal representation to take this one step further. Without legal help we cannot go any further and get Jermane his deserved freedom. We have uncovered many worrying errors, evidence untested, evidence lost, reports missing, reports incomplete, many inconsistencies and other strong potential suspects (and their motives) left un-investigated by officials. We want ALL of Jermane Scotts case to be reviewed. This includes the new evidence, the errors throughout the investigation and the many errors during his trial, plus all the investigation work and legal work completed 21 years ago by Springfield OH law enforcement/justice system. We believe a retrial will only lead to one possible outcome and that is that JERMANE SCOTT IS AND WAS INNOCENT and has had his life unfairly snatched away from him for 21 years and counting


Kathleen Zellner is one of the United States most successful and formidable lawyers in the field of Wrongful Convictions. She takes on the cases most turn away from in fear. Ms Zellner is for want of a better word  THE BEST. Ms Zellner currently represents Steve Avery (of #makingamurderer) and is highly sort after for her services by the 100s of men and women currently in American prisons claiming wrongful conviction. Jermane wrote to Ms Zellner and she responded stating she would happily look into his case and carry out a case review at a cost of $3000.00. This case review would not guarantee she would take his case and represent him HOWEVER a case review MUST be carried out before she can/could  decide on taking on ANY new case/client. This is standard practice for ALL lawyer firms taking on cases like Jermanes. The cost of this case review may seem steep to some of you. However to a lot of you who may also be fighting for justice for your loved ones will know this price is extremely generous and far lower in price than many other smaller lawyer firms charge for the same style of case review.  To get an offer of a case review from Ms Zellners law firm is a great honor and as her letter states (letter attached) she receives 100s of letters each year and her firm read them all and out of those letters they identify the cases they feel may be 'meritorious' (worthy, meritable). Selecting Jermanes letter out of these 100s of letters she receives and offering him a case review is indeed a huge honor. PLEASE help Jermane raise these funds to secure a case review with this outstanding Law Firm. Jermane deserves this chance and it is a once in a life time chance and only money is standing in his way of JUSTICE. Any amount you donate whether $5 or $100 will change a mans life forever, you will be changing history or re-writing history. YOU will be part of Jermanes story and his future. 


With eternal thanks from Jermane  



For more information about Jermane, his case/trial and the police investigation resulting in his wrongful conviction, his thoughts and views on his life (in and out of prison) please visit his Facebook page or his Blog page

Jermane has now spent more years in prison than he has outside of prison. This man has not held someones hand in over 13 years. This man has not smiled in 21 years. This man has not had his voice heard in 21 years. THIS MAN IS INNOCENT. He remained silent and loyal thinking and believing that 'the truth would prevail' did not.

Please help this man have his voice heard. No words can describe the feelings of appreciation we have for even the smallest donation you can make. Thank you

(Location of Donation campaign is the UK - this is due to the Donation page being created/managed on behalf of Jermanes by his friend/partner who is a UK resident)


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