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Jermane Scott is a 41year old man born in Springfield OH. Jermane was sent to prison in 1997 for a crime he did not commit.

In 1996 Springfield OH Mr Betram Thomas was murdered & robbed in his home. Jermane Scott was arrested & tried for this murder. He was found guilty &  sentenced to LIFE (with no chance of parole) Jermane is innocent and has persistently maintained this throughout the investigation, trial and every day since. There was & still is NO PHYSICAL OR FORENSIC EVIDENCE linking Jermane to this murder. No DNA of Jermanes (no fingerprints, skin cells or hair traces) have ever been found on the victim, in the victims home, in the victims car (which the real culprit stole) or on any items retrieved as evidence from the crime scene. All physical evidence proved his innocence. It was only the words and lies of 2 State witnesses & a number of other witnesses who also testified in trial who sealed Jermanes fate and future. Each person who testified against Jermane in trial gave false testimonies in exchange for a ‘no charge’ deal. All these witnesses were themselves involved in the robbery/murder & the forgery of the victims checks/use of his credit card, to varying degrees (most with previous convictions for similar crimes). They all willingly admitted they were at the scene of the crime and witnessed the murder and/or they admitted to being involved in the following forgery crimes. Physical evidence also existed to prove these individuals were involved to varying degree. Yet NONE OF THEM received any charges for their factual involvement. None of them were treated as suspects even though police were aware that the 2 State Star Witnesses in particular had strong motive, opportunity & knowledge of the victim (both having a long turbulent violent history with the victim & a thorough knowledge of his home & his belongings). Jermane has NEVER been to the victims home nor has any knowledge of the victim or his belongings- this was proved to be factual in trial when NO EVIDENCE could be given to prove Jermane had ever had any contact with the victim or had ever stepped foot inside the victims house. This was also backed up by the victims daughters & close friends/neighbors also testifying that they had never seen Jermane Scott before at their Fathers/neighbors home. From a forensic point of view Jermane had never been at the crime scene, had not pulled a gun (his clothes proved negative for gun residue or blood splatter) had not been in the victims stolen car and had not had any contact with the victim. Forensically Jermane was/is INNOCENT. The only thing connecting Jermane to this crime was that police found the victims credit card in his home & that he was positively identified as being one of the people who used the credit card fraudulently the day after Mr Thomas was murdered. Jermane has always admitted to his involvement in the use of the credit card. This card was given to him by the 2 State Star Witnesses who then accompanied Jermane to the mall and who ALL went on to use the card. Jermane insists at no Point did either witness inform him the card belonged to a dead man. They invited him to join them in purchasing goods on the card they had in their possession. Both State Witnesses were also positivity identified as using the card by the Mall staff. Yet it was only Jermane who was charged with forgery. Both Witnesses received no charges for their equal involvement in the use of the card.  Due to the lies told by these 2 witnesses who they themselves should have been treated as main suspects Jermane was found GUILTY. We Have spent many years piecing together this crime and the police investigation, collating as much new evidence and information as possible to not just prove Jermanes innocence but to also prove who the real killer is. The real killer of Mr Bertram Thomas has been free to live their life unpunished for 23years. Jermane has been living in hell for this persons crime for 23yrs. This is NOT JUSTICE.

We have since discovered  Key pieces of physical evidence (fingerprints/blood stains and fibres) had been recovered by Springfield Police but had been left untested. These fingerprints/blood stains and fibre strands found on the victim & in the victims stolen car would have no doubt proved Jermanes innocence and also confirmed who the other suspects/killer was. There was also many items of evidence collected from the crime scene by SPD that could have easily been tested for fingerprints/fingerprints tested against the other more viable suspects. For reasons unknown SPD only ran these fingerprints against Jermanes - all of which came back negative as a match to Jermane. They were NEVER tested against any one else. Had they been we are positive the fingerprints would have matched against the other more viable suspects that SPD chose to ignore.  Again these key pieces of evidence were kept hidden from the Jury at his trial. Jermane Scott had an unfair and biased trial with LE picking and choosing which pieces of evidence and witnesses to use and which pieces to not use to make sure they got the outcome they wanted regardless of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We are a small team of supporters/family and loved ones who have spent many years trying desperately to prove Jermanes innocence and wrongful conviction and to obtain legal representation for him. None of us have legal experience but we do have the strong knowledge, facts and belief that two great crimes were committed. The murder of an innocent man and also the wrongful conviction of an innocent young man, both with their whole lives ahead of them. Both have had their lives stolen from them unfairly. Both deserve justice  


We have now come to a point in our work in proving Jermanes innocence & in proving there was/is many other potential and viable suspects to now desperately need legal representation so they can take over our work & with their legal expertise take the necessary steps needed in making a strong case to secure Jermane a re-trial & securing his freedom. We cannot do this without an attorney/lawyer. And unfortunately this costs money. Money we do not have. Money is the ONLY thing now standing in the way of Jermanes freedom now. We know with the help of  legal representation we have already uncovered enough new evidence to be granted a re-trail and prove that Jermane is not only innocent but that many grave errors were made by ALL Law Enforcement involved in this investigation and trial. And also prove there is enough evidence to eventually prove who the real culprit was/is.  However we need legal representation to take this one final step further. Without legal help we cannot go any further and get Jermane his deserved freedom. We have uncovered many worrying errors, evidence untested, evidence lost, reports missing, reports incomplete, many inconsistencies and other strong potential suspects (and their motives) left un-investigated by officials. We want ALL of Jermane Scotts case to be reviewed. This includes the new evidence, the errors throughout the investigation and the many errors during his trial, plus all the investigation work and legal work completed by Springfield OH law enforcement/justice system. We believe a retrial will only lead to one possible outcome and that is that JERMANE SCOTT IS AND WAS INNOCENT and has had his life unfairly snatched away from him for 23years and counting

 Jermane is in desperate need of funds. Jermane has little to no contact with his relatives, any of which contact he does have with them they unfortunately cannot afford to help pay for his legal fees. 23yrs ago Jermane (and his family) were unable to pay for a good defence attorney, he had to rely on a State paid defence attorney. Had he been able to afford a good defence counsel we believe this wrongful conviction would never have happened. Yet again money or the lack or it stands in the way of Jermane getting fair competent legal help. Yet again money is standing in the way  of justice. We have been saving our own money but we still need a lot more. As his family we will continue to save our own money towards securing Jermane legal representation but we need help with this. We need kind donations from kind individuals willing to help an innocent man get his life back. Jermane has always stated his innocence, Jermane has always stated  he has nothing to hide . Jermane is more than happy to correspond with anyone who wishes to communicate with him and answer any and all questions you may have for him if you wish to do so. He is an open book. The lies of others got him wrongfully convicted and it will be the truth that sets him free. 


By making a donation however big or small you will be playing a huge part in correcting a huge miscarriage of justice. You will be playing an important part in saving an innocent mans life. Your donations are vital in paving Jermanes future with hope. Words are not enough to express the gratitude Jermane feels for all of you who have taken the time to make a donation. He is humbled by the generosity and selflessness of you & sends you his eternal thanks & respect. 

For more information about Jermane, his case/trial and the police investigation resulting in his wrongful conviction, his thoughts and views on his life (in and out of prison) please visit his website. You can also find details of how to contact Jermane on his website, find the dropbox link enabling you to view all trial transcripts & official police investigation files. Plus links to recent news articles relating to his case.

Or you can follow Jermanes story & progress via Twitter/Facebook 


Jermane has now spent more years in prison than he has outside of prison. This man has not held someones hand in over 15 years. This man has not smiled in 23years. THIS MAN IS INNOCENT. He remained silent and loyal thinking and believing that 'the truth would prevail' did not.

Please help this man have his voice heard. No words can describe the feelings of appreciation we have for even the smallest donation you can make. Thank you

(Location of Donation campaign is the UK - this is due to the Donation page being created/managed on behalf of Jermane by his friend/partner who is a UK resident)



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