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This crowd funding venture is for the manufacturer of a 122GHz transverter PCB as featured in DUBUS magazine.

 By collectively contributing to the cost of manufacture we can get the project made at the best price than if we were to do it on our own or in small groups.



This is not a completely assembled and built transverter.

You will need to assemble these components with other components as specified in the build documents contained in the Wiki along with some alignment procedures for best operation. Where possible get yourself together with others assembling the transverter for the best outcome.

While the assembled PCB will be tested for operation at manufacture we do not warrant the operation of the transverter beyond what we can test prior to shipping.


All the documentation on the project can be found in this drop box..


Please read the complete article on construction that can be found in the drop box at this URL, this is the same article that was published in DUBUS magazine.


Better still subscribe to DUBUS magazine and purchase the back issue. More info on DUBUS magazine can be found here...


You should also read the assembly and operation document from the drop box at this URL...


If you have trouble with accessing the dropbox, all the documentation is duplicated in our Wiki here...

What can I get ?

What we are offering to provide is an assembled PCB or a bare board for you to build on. Also on offer is either of the horn feeds, the rest of the construction is up to you. 

When can I get it ?

The order for manufacture will only be placed once the target value is reached since the manufacturers need to be paid up front.

Tentative manufacture times are 6 - 10 weeks from placement-of-order, to delivery to me. Then it will take me a week or so to organise the packing and shipping to everyone. I hope to enlist some volunteers from our local Microwave Users Group to make the packing and shipping easier.


What if the target is not met ?

If we don't reach that target then the pricing cannot be guaranteed and we wont place an order and money will be refunded less transaction costs.

If that happens I can ask for quotes at the lower quantity number and wait for new pricing and then we can go around the collection again with a new target.

If we fail to reach a target a second time, funds will be returned less transaction costs and I'll close the campaign and be very disappointed.

Transaction costs are those imposed by both Fundrazr & Paypal for using their platforms.


**IMPORTANT ** Shipping & Handling Costs.

The prices of the parts do not include the cost of shipping and handling to you. These costs will be worked out once the final quantities you have selected, the weight of the final items and the shipping address, is known to us. We can then work out the best value shipping to you.

Some interested parties have banded together to place a single large order to save on shipping. If you are in a position to do so you should join up with others in your area and nominate a single-point-of-contact for both the orders and the shipping.


Check the tracking sheet for currently known groups, they are highlighted in grey with an "x" next to the group coordinator.


If paying individually but you are a member of a group, please put your shipping contact details in the comment section of your order


Contact us directly if you form a group buy or you join a group buy so that the tracking sheet can be updated accordingly.


You can also contact us for a shipping estimate.


Order Tracking

Orders placed here will be correlated with the online pre-order tracking sheet. As orders and payment comes in via Fundrazer the tracking sheet will be updated to match.


The tracking sheet can  be found here...


Updating the order tracking sheet is a manual process and will generally occur on the weekends unless I find a few hours during the week between work & family to make an update.



1. Why isn't the assembled PCB supplied with SMA sockets ?

We chose not to supply the PCB with SMA sockets because the method of mounting will determine the sockets needed. i.e. as a dish feed, right angles sockets are generally used. As a beacon, straight sockets are generally used. Additionally the inclusion of the SMAs would add to the shipping weight, and cost of assembly.


2. Can you supply a fully assembled transverter ?

No. This is up to you. All details on other parts required, assembly instructions, alignment and testing can be found in the Wiki


3. Can you supply xyz component so I can assemble the PCB myself ?

No. All parts are being directly sourced by the manufacturer from their supply lines. This ensures the best possible price for our kit. A complete Bill-of-Materials that we supplied to the manufacturer for assembly can be found in the Wiki. The BoM contains all the part numbers verified against Element14 or Mouser stock plus provides the distributors address detail for the TR002.


4. I pre-ordered direct with Tim, do I still have to order here ?

Yes. The pre-order sheet was to establish intent and a quantity number so that we could go to the manufacturers to ask for the best quote.


5. How do I know that it works ?

This transverter is the output of prototypes built by Andrew, VK3CV. Andrew has established an Australian record for a 122GHz QSO using this kit. Read the DUBUS article in the Wiki for more info.

Better still subscribe to DUBUS magazine and purchase the back issue. More info on DUBUS magazine can be found here...


6. Will the assembled PCB work when I get it ?

It should work just fine provided it didn't get damaged in shipping. We have written a test plan for the manufacturer so that each and every unit will be functionally tested before shipping to us. Each item will be carefully packed to maximise safe delivery.


7. Is the build quality being checked ?

Yes, both the PCB and Mechanical Manufacturers will be providing FAI (First Article inspection), that is they will produce a few units first and ship them to us for inspection before we give the go-ahead for final production runs. This will help ensure that all parts work and can be assembled as required and allows us to check the quality of the build and the finish of the mechanical items.


8. How will I know the progress of things ?

As things happen we will post updates here and to the list. You may also get a direct email from us to update you directly.

Keeping up-to-date

A list has been created to keep people up-to-date with firmware revisions and progress of manufacture. We will also post updates here. There are also lively discussions on the use and operation of the 122GHz band and transverters on the group list.

You can join that group here..


The wiki has ALL the information on building and manufacturing this project, it can be accessed here...








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$2 USD
Bare PCB
Blank PCB for you to build on
More ... Less ...
$31 USD
Chaparral style feed horn & coupler
Feed horn & coupler used with an offset feed dish in the published article
More ... Less ...
$42 USD
Conical Horn
21DBi Conical horn with integrated coupler as used in the portable beacon
More ... Less ...
$128 USD
Assembled & tested PCB
122GHz assembled and tested PCB, SMA sockets not included.
More ... Less ...

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