One Planet, One Child Button

Wear this proudly and start some conversations!

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One Planet, One Child Sticker
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Put this sticker on your auto, laptop, window or water bottle to spread awareness.
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$15 USD + shipping
One Planet, One Child Bumper Sticker
Ships Worldwide
Colorful, durable, high-quality sticker to start conversations in clogged rush-hour traffic, in the parking lot or at that tailgate party. Figure out a way to put it on your bike and share that with us!
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$25 USD + shipping
One Planet, One Child Button
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Wear this proudly and start some conversations!
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One Planet, One Child Coffee Mug
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Start conversations at the office with this mug, or send one to your favorite newscaster, journalist, elected official or pundit.
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Reusable Chico One Planet, One Child Tote
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Shrinking our consumption is also critical, so use this bag instead of 1,000+ disposable or recyclable plastic grocery bags. Plus a button and sticker. Thoughtfully created from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles.
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$40 USD
Send a Mug to a Journalist
We’ll send a One Planet, One Child coffee mug to a TV host, anchor or other journalist of your choice. The mug should make it through their gatekeeper (everyone loves a freebie), and they may well be curious enough to check out the website.
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$50 USD + shipping
One Planet, One Child T-Shirt
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Ships Worldwide url on T-Shirt. Men's or Women's style T-shirts. We searched the world and found a small shop in Maine that understands our commitment to minimizing the footprint of these shirts. U.S. grown and sewn, certified organic cotton, unbleached. Water-based ink. Very durable, so you’ll be wearing this shirt for years. You'll select style and size in the checkout process. There may be a wait, depending on timing of your order and inventory of these special organic cotton shirts.
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$500 USD + free shipping
Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot Book
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Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot coffee-table book with stunning, world-class photography and essays produced by Foundation for Deep Ecology. Thanks to Deep Ecology Foundation and Global Population Speakout for making this book available.
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$2,000 USD
One Planet, One Child Billboard in Your Community
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We’ll put one up ASAP in a major metro area of your choice. Smaller cities and rural areas subject to cost and availability. We’ll work with you to line up the best location and get a billboard up within weeks!
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$750 USD + shipping
Autographed Original Edition The Population Bomb
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Only 1 available, so don't wait to claim this. Famed Stanford Biologist Paul Ehrlich, who wrote this landmark book with wife, Anne, graciously provided this autographed copy in support of this project. Plus a button and a sticker.
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Here's the campaign that needs your help

One Planet, One Child Billboard Campaign
  • $68,717 raised
  • 191 contributors
  • 55 Weeks running
We're celebrating small-family choices. Help expand nationwide this billboard campaign creating broader public awareness that the world is overpopulated, that the problem is solvable, and the solution is to choose smaller families.