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Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Hello, we’re the eagles, owls, hawks, song birds,squirrels, porcupines, amphibians and other Nova Scotian wildlife that need your help!

Who are we?

The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (CWRC) was founded 17 years ago and is still operated by wildlife Veterinarian Helene Van Doninck and her eagle wrangling husband Murdo Messer in their  home.

It has grown to include a world class eagle flyway (the Big Jeezley) and a nursery and continues to grow at an ever quickening rate.

What do we do?

We are an organization that provides veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured, orphaned, and sick wildlife through donations and a dedicated group of volunteers. 

Why the campaign?

With ever increasing numbers of wildlife being admitted; our fixed costs have dramatically increased; food costs and other expenses are growing; space is at a premium to house the wildlife and so we find ourselves needing to increase our donor base. (more details below...)


That’s where YOU come in! CWRC does incredible work with beautiful animals and you can be a part of that!

Wouldn’t you like to feed a majestic eagle for a month?

How about buying food for fluffy baby owlets? 

Imagine knowing you helped save the life of an endangered species and return it to the wild? 

That is what your donation can help with! Along with building new enclosures, buying medicine and other critter-helping essentials thus ensuring CWRC can carry on working towards returning our wildlife to the wild. 

Choose a reward!

While supporting the good work the CWRC does is a reward all on its own we'd like to offer a small reward to thank you for your donation. You can choose from one of the options to the right.

Make a donation!

We’re a registered charity and you will be issued a tax receipt for donations immediately – that will help your next tax return look a little better!

Thank you

The animals thank you, the volunteers thank you and Helene and Murdo thank you.

About the CWRC 

It took 7 years of planning and fundraising to build our amazing Eagle Flyway. It is the only structure in North America that allows the eagles to fly continuously which helps both the animal fully recover and test their flying skills and us to be sure they are ready for release.

Our beautiful nursery was built in 2016 through fundraising and a charity contest by Jamieson Vitamins.

Our walk in freezer was purchased after the 100 Women Who care Truro chapter selected CWRC as a recipient of funds.

As a charity run by volunteers and donations we have volatile cash and labour volume - every donation helps us tremendously.

A lot of our enclosures which house everything from squirrels to song birds to owls and eagles are at or close to being beyond the point of repair, needing to be torn down and rebuilt. This costs a lot of money. Money that is also needed for basics such as food and medicine for a large variety of animals.

Thank you for your support!


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$15 CAD + shipping
CWRC Eagle postcard + Feed an eagle for a day
  • 1 ordered
Ships Worldwide
Eagles have large appetites and need a variety of foods which have varying costs. Your donation will keep 1 eagle's hunger pains at bay for 1 - 2 days.
Note: No tax receipt for donations under $20. But you do get a lovely postcard with image of an eagle that was successfully rehabilitated and released.
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$15 CAD + shipping
CWRC Owl postcard + Feed a Saw Whet owl for a week
  • 2 ordered
Ships Worldwide
These cute but ferocious little owls eat 3 small mice every day. Your donation will keep the hunger pains at bay for a week!
Note: No tax receipt for donations under $20. But you do get a lovely postcard with image of a xxx owl that was successfully rehabilitated and released.
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$15 CAD + shipping
CWRC Porcupine postcard + Feed a porc for a week.
  • 4 ordered
Ships Worldwide
Porcupines are cuter than you may think and a bit misunderstood. In care they eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily so costs vary season to season. Your donation will keep the hunger pains at bay for about a week!
Note: No tax receipt for donations under $20. But you do get a lovely postcard with image of a porcupine that was successfully rehabilitated and released.
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$25 CAD + shipping
2 x Postcards + Feed a Great Horned Owl for 4 days
  • 3 ordered
Ships Worldwide
Great Horned owls are large birds and cost around $7 a day to feed. Your donation feeds a Great horned owl for about 3-4 days. Plus receive 2 beautiful CWRC postcards and a full tax receipt.
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$40 CAD + shipping
Set of Postcards + Feed a Hawk for 6 days
  • 7 ordered
Ships Worldwide
medium to large size hawks cost around $6.50 a day to feed. Your donation helps feed a hawk for around 5 days. Plus receive a full set of 3 CWRC Postcards - Owl, Eagle & Porcupine. Full tax receipt will be issued as well.
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$80 CAD + shipping
1 Owl Necklace + 3 postcards.
  • 3 ordered
  • 17 remaining
Ships Worldwide
Beautiful silver owl necklace with coloured stones. A variety of styles - every one beautiful!
(your necklace will be chosen at random) It costs approximately $6 a day to feed 1 barred owl so your donation helps feed an owl in care for about 13 days.
NOTE: You will receive a tax receipt for the full $50 plus receive this lovely reward as well. Win Win!
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$100 CAD + shipping
CWRC T Shirt + 3 Postcards
  • 6 ordered
  • 19 remaining
Ships Worldwide
T Shirt with a special CWRC design with animals and birds. Several designs available.
Your T Shirt design will be selected at random. Plus our set of 3 CWRC postcards.
You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.
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$120 CAD + shipping
Float Session in a Float tank in Halifax!
  • 0 bought
  • 1 remaining
Ships to Canada
75 Minute Float Session at The Flotation Centre Halifax. Float tanks are a simple yet powerful tool used to improve everyday life. The practice is used by many: yogis, athletes, chronic pain sufferers – EVERYONE & ANYONE seeking serenity, relief and relaxation. Floating enhances your overall wellbeing. NOTE: No tax receipt for this perk.
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$150 CAD + shipping
Build an Eagle Box + Certificate, T Shirt,Postcard
  • 0 ordered
Ships Worldwide
Eagles are large birds and many of our eagle patients need to be housed in an eagle box in our nursery when first admitted. It costs $150 to build these boxes and as our eagle numbers increase our need for eagle boxes does too. Receive a certificate made out in your name or anyone you choose (makes a great gift for an animal lover!),
Plus receive a set of 3 CWRC postacrds, a T Shirt and a tax receipt for the full $150.
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$400 CAD
Tour of CWRC facility
  • 1 bought
  • 3 remaining
CWRC is all about the animals and we don't usually do tours as we try to minimise human contact with the patients. However, for such a generous donation an exception can be made!

You and a friend will have a guided tour of the facility and have the chance to have eagles soar over your head in our eagle Flyway (The Big Jeezley).
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