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About World Housing

World Housing provides homes to families living in slums in the developing world, fostering communities where families can thrive with safety, security, and access to the resources that change lives.

Why We're Here

World Housing believes that homes are the key turning point where the momentum of community begins to have effects that radiate beyond individuals and into entire families, villages, and countries.

World Housing homes allow people to live safe, stable lives. Children who grow up in safe, stable homes have greater freedom to pursue education, and raise the standard of living for themselves, their families, and future generations to come.

World Housing homes cause a ripple effect. And those ripples change lives.

Our mission is to create social change by connecting the world to be a better community.

A new home means a new start, the beginning of a life with safety, security and stability as a foundation. What grows from there is a restoration of dignity and hope for the future. Families and communities begin to thrive, bringing up a new generation of healthy, educated, and inspired leaders for their community.

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Organization campaigns

MLA Canada is launching a legacy program in collaboration with World Housing to fund the development of innovative solutions to end global homelessness. Make a donation and we will match up to $3500!

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It's easy to get involved! 100% of all donations will go towards building a village. Simply click on the DONATE button on this page to the right to make a donation to our campaign. It doesn't take a lot from any one person, and if we all work together ...

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Funding homes for families with every home inspection. Pillar to Post Vancouver believes that a home is at the root of every family and that everyone deserves the right to the safety and security that a home provides.

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Let's build some homes for families living in slum conditions.

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Safeguarding the real estate industry now helps to fund homes for families in need. For over 70 years, Chicago Title has proudly provided security for Canada’s real estate transactions. This focused, Canada-based organization understands the true ...

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Support NexGen Forward's goal of building 100 homes by 2020. 100% of your donation goes directly to our building a life-changing community for families living in the community of Ahuachapán in El Salvador.

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The S&P Real Estate Team, in collaboration with World Housing, is funding and building homes for families living in slum conditions in El Salvador. Join us and we can work together as a community to build a community!

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For me, deciding to team up with World Housing was a perfect fit and easy decision. Firstly, my early mentor and one of the reasons I decided on a career in Vancouver Real Estate was one of the advocates and founders. After seeing him leave the Real ...

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At G4G we have been committed to helping women have a voice and a choice when it comes to living full, healthy lives. We believe that homelessness is critical for building a foundation of a whole and healthy life. The work we have done evolves around ...

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As a realtor, I work every single day to connect my clients to their dream home. Unfortunately, this dream isn’t a reality for millions of families around the world who struggle to achieve life’s most basic need - safe and secure shelter. By trusting ...

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