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Founded in 1984 by Bucks County, PA and New Jersey dachshund lovers, DRBC is a 501-C3 nonprofit supported completely by donations. Our all-volunteer organization works tirelessly to provide an experience for both the adopter and adoptee that helps guarantee a perfect match.

Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Our rescue program, which has been in existence for over 30 years, serves the Dachshund Rescue needs of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware.

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DRBC has accepted a heartbreaking case. This little guy is named Puppy. Poor veterinary care has led to an autoimmune disease that is out of control. His family was depleted of funds and turned to us for help. Can we make a difference?

$2,270 raised of $3.5k goal
5 Days left

We had a busy weekend with relinquishments this past weekend. One little pupper, Nooto that was pulled from a breeding effort needs your help today. As we completed his exam we noticed the bubbles coming from his nose.

$2,650 raised so far
2 Days left

UPDATE: Frank needs surgery ASAP. He has developed a peritoneal hernia and will die without help. Please like, share and help us reach his goal of $5,000.

$3,485 raised of $5k goal
35 Weeks running

Harley will need an MRI, specialized neurosurgery, hospitalization, and more are adding up to a total of almost $7,500. Today we need your help to support his survival. Are you up to helping Harley meet his challenge? We sure hope so.

$1,503 raised of $7.5k goal
47 Days running

The holidays are generally a time of joy. Here at the rescue we look forward to time with friends and family, but this past weekend it was not to be so. Louis was rushed to NorthStar VETS having difficulty breathing and standing on his own.

$280 raised of $3.5k goal
56 Days running

We so desperately want to give Gibson a pain free Christmas and believe that it is possible with some support from the DRBC Gang. Together we can make this happen!

$785 raised of $4.5k goal
77 Days running

It is easy for us to heal his skin, schedule him for dental and love the hurt away, but it will take support to provide him with the surgery he desperately needs to remove his eye. This little boy is a diamond in the rough and still has so much life left

$575 raised of $3.5k goal
98 Days running

Max 8, has a mast cell tumor that is growing quickly. We need to have it removed ASAP and can with your help.

$1,755 raised of $2.5k goal
119 Days running

Max is such a gentle soul and we have watched as his blood work has failed to rally. Yesterday, our general care vet urged us to get him to NorthStar VETS and get him a blood transfusion. Max, you see, has Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia or IMHA.

$4,418 raised of $7k goal
185 Days running

Years of pain and neglect. This is what Jake has survived. The tumor on his foot causes pain with each step he takes. His coat, which should be red and silky is blotchy and sparse in places due to the poor diet he has been fed. His stomach is bloated,

$808 raised of $2k goal
29 Weeks running