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Founded in 1984 by Bucks County, PA and New Jersey dachshund lovers, DRBC is a 501-C3 nonprofit supported completely by donations. Our all-volunteer organization works tirelessly to provide an experience for both the adopter and adoptee that helps guarantee a perfect match.

Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Our rescue program, which has been in existence for over 30 years, serves the Dachshund Rescue needs of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware.

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Everyone knows someone like Larry. Quiet. Sensitive. Caring. Active in the community. Committed to doing good. No, we are not kidding…these words describe DRBC’s therapy doxie Larry to a tee. You may even have met him at a public event. He is that dog ...

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The story of Honey has been filled with heartbreaking twists and turn that began before she even crossed our threshold here at DRBC. A stray that no one looked for, she was quickly placed on the euthanasia list. But something about her look and her ...

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It is not often that a case crosses our door and begs our immediate attention is the way that little Willow does today. Inbreeding and a lack of medical attention has left this little girl walking on the tops of her feet. She pulled her shorted legs ...

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65 Days running

The story of Delilah moved us all and her skin is a heartbreaking sight. It is clear that although there are no broken bones or tumors to be removed here, this little girl desperately needs the help of a specialist. Her pain needs to end and we and ...

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85 Days running

A heart in need. This is the story of little Cooper. Born with a genetic heart defect he has battled to reach his 6th week in life and now without our help he will sure die. His situation is uncommon, but not as rare as you might thing. A small ...

$5,310 raised of $12.5k goal
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The pictures of Cody are hard to view. Imagine the pain this dog is suffering. We have to move and move quickly. Antibiotic therapy will not cut it this time. We know that only surgery will end the suffering, address the underlying cause and give this ...

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114 Days running

Horror faced us this week with one of our relinquishments. As we unraveled the bandage from a foot we were told he was chew at we found only a stub and a stub in critical condition at that. Little Toby developed IVDD a week before Christmas, but we ...

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37 Weeks running

Imagine an unending pain that worsens day by day. You head hurts, your eyes swell shut and finally the abscess blows through your face creating an open sore. Life is almost not worth living. This is little Cheyenne’s reality. We have started the ...

$60 raised of $2.5k goal
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Nothing is worse than battling a serious illness with a needy Doxie than to have them develop a secondary problem. Today this is the problem that faces us with Max. Many of you know Max from his battle with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. Just as he ...

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Every week we take in doxies in need and every week we are astounded at how these dogs survive in pain having suffered through so much neglect or abuse. Hank is one of these pups. An oral-nasal fistula that was one of the largest we had ever seen ...

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