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Founded in 1984 by Bucks County, PA and New Jersey dachshund lovers, DRBC is a 501-C3 nonprofit supported completely by donations. Our all-volunteer organization works tirelessly to provide an experience for both the adopter and adoptee that helps guarantee a perfect match.

Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Our rescue program, which has been in existence for over 30 years, serves the Dachshund Rescue needs of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware.

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Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia [IMHA]. A big diagnosis for a tiny girl, but this disease has stricken little Ginger and we are worried. So many of you know little Ginger from our Sunday feeds – our little Super Star.

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Last week we were contacted by one of the shelters we work with and rushed to save 5 doxies left stranded on the side of a road…there were 6, but one was tragically and senselessly run down and killed. Today they need your help.

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We rushed to pull in this little boy this past weekend. Suffering from seizures his story only begins here. This little guy has really suffered beyond the beatings he received.

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Every year DRBC helps doxies that have been discarded due to IVDD. Sometimes we are in time and can get these dogs surgery, but that opportunity is rare. Still, many arrive in time to get up and walking. More often though, many are well outside the ...

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The horrific pictures tell only part of the story for Schnitzel. His family dumped him at a local shelter after they suddenly developed and allergy to him and had to move after 13+ years. Two of the great lies in rescue and of course, the abject ...

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Santa must have thought Harley was naughty indeed – he left him Cervical IVDD on Christmas Day. Well Santa, you should have double checked your list because this sweet little boy didn’t deserve this. Now his life hangs in the balance. Without surgical ...

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Today we have a horror story that is how no one wants to spend Thanksgiving. Little Rusty went out for his final walk last night and was attacked by a Pit Bull. His foster Dad is a real hero in our eyes as he threw himself in the middle of the fray to ...

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One of the hardest things about doing rescue is the high level of neglect we see constantly. No one bothered to help Hope and although her picture makes her look happy, this little girl is suffering with an immense bladder stone. Did you know that 9 ...

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Jake’s family reached out to us as a last resort. The family veterinarian suggested euthanasia for this overweight paraplegic, but never helped the family with a diet or the right medications. With a sick child at home they were at their wits end, so ...

$2,400 raised of $8.5k goal
44 Weeks running

The story of Honey has been filled with heartbreaking twists and turn that began before she even crossed our threshold here at DRBC. A stray that no one looked for, she was quickly placed on the euthanasia list. But something about her look and her ...

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