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2020 VIATEC Foundation Food Bank Challenge
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Ended Dec 21, 2020


For the 18th year, VIATEC is inviting companies of all types in Greater Victoria to join forces in an effort to raise as much funds for the Mustard Seed Food Bank as possible from Nov 16th to Dec 14th! If your business is still stable and possibly even thriving despite COVID-19, this is the perfect opportunity to give back to your community... A community that needs our support more than ever.

This year we have a special goal: 100 companies, raising a total of $100,000. 

Please know that you can keep this simple and don’t have to take on a bunch of internal challenges or events to make a difference. Some companies benefit from team building and added warm feelings that can come from the extra organizing, but we understand you are busy. If you want to simply commit to a minimum amount so you can stay focused on your day to day, that is 100% okay with us and greatly appreciated.


  1. The “take my money”...Just write a cheque and we can do the rest! 
  2. The “let’s make this interesting”...Match every donation coming into your campaign!*
  3. The “let’s go the extra mile”...A team full of keeners with creative fundraiser ideas, who are REALLY loud on social media!

All we ask is that your team have a minimum goal of $250 - if you can raise more, fantastic; If you’re closer to your minimum goal, you will still be a part of this unique fundraiser, helping feed those in need. Every dollar matters!

*If you’d like to apply company matching to your campaign, please email


  1. REGISTER your team above
  2. On Nov 16th you can start accepting donations! 
    (Remember to always use your unique page in order to have your donations tracked)
  3. Raise a minimum of $250 as a team
  4. Encourage other companies to join the challenge!

If you selected “let’s go the extra mile” above, you can also:

  • Challenge another company at something
  • Organize your own fundraising event 
  • Run your own in-house staff competition (You can add team members on your page and everyone can track their own personal efforts!)
  • Work with local businesses to organize a contest
  • Boost awareness of your company culture on social media through this challenge
  • And so much more!

This year we are focussing on online donations which is great as the Mustard Seed has a bigger buying power with grocery stores (Yes, tax receipts will be issued). We will not be holding a Drop off Day at the Mustard Seed for food donations this year in order to keep everyone safe in terms of physical distancing. However, if you have spare non perishables from stocking up in the March/April grocery store dash, please contact to organize a drop off.

Once you have your sub-campaign page set on FundRazr, use that link to share with your network and it will automatically track your team’s fundraising efforts!

Tips for the competitive types: 

  1. You can view the Leaderboard at any point to see who is in the lead
  2. You can even add team members and have some friendly in-house competition going if you’d like :)
  3. Don’t be that team and throw everyone off by waiting until the end to enter your donations - we encourage you to keep the donations flowing! Put up your numbers so that other companies see your great example and possibly dig a little deeper. The real goal is to feed as many people as we can.
  4. Some companies like to match donations - email with your budget to have this applied to your campaign
  5. Make sure you post updates on your sub-campaign page in order to give visitors something to get behind! 


VIATEC will recognize two categories: the top 3 Greatest Overall Contributors and the top 3 Greatest Per Employee Contributors (calculated by: $ ÷ # of staff ). You’ll receive a plaque for your office, online recognition, and bragging rights of course!


Since its inception in 2002, $2,323,420.80 worth of food and cash has been donated to the Mustard Seed through companies participating in the VIATEC Foundation Food Bank Challenge. 

There are 50,000 “hidden hungry” or food insecure individuals in Greater Victoria and we need your help to continue to provide them the most important pillar… food. Food not only nourishes the body, but it provides a sense of stability, of sharing with community or family, and a moment of rest, and warmth, amidst the chaos of life. This is more important than ever, especially during COVID-19 when some may be out of work, sick or overwhelmed. It just so happens, that helping to donate to these programs also brings your team together (virtually) in a way that can only be described as inspiring!





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