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Right now, there's so many families that live in slum conditions: often sleeping on the ground, vulnerable to disease, theft, and extreme weather conditions.


There's also many communities that are lacking proper education, as they can't afford to build school houses or have educators be able to help children learn basic skills like reading and writing.

But together we can change this.


  • My goal is to raise $30,000 total. I'll be matching any donations made. So if you donate $20, I'll match that and donate an extra $20.  If you donate $100, I'll match that with another $100.
  • I've already built 15 schools and 9 houses and my ultimate goal is to have funded and built 50 schools and 100 houses.


Any donations can help, even if it's $10, $100, or more. I will be matching all donations and also giving significant amounts from my own pocket.

My goal is to be able to use my influence to bring awareness to these challenges, and more importantly, get help from others to make an even greater impact than I ever could on my own.

As Tony Robbins says, "The secret to living is giving." By stepping outside of yourself and giving to those that are in far worse circumstances than you, it trains yourself to live in abundance and eliminates any scarcity that's holding you back in your life. This abundance, I believe, allows you to attract and manifest more into your life. And ultimately, it leads to a lasting level of joy and fulfillment that is unmatched by anything you could acquire or attain for yourself.

Thank you, sincerely, for partnering with me to be a force for good and changing lives!

God Bless,

Stefan James

Project Life Mastery

Journey and World Housing are funding and building homes for families living in slum conditions in Nicaragua, Colombia and now Mexico and you can help make it happen: let's come together as a village, to build a village.

Then, a group of us will travel to build the homes in person, meet the families and the communities, and take photos and video to show you exactly where your contributions went. 

Join us in changing the reality for these families, and creating lasting change in the local communities (and for the travelers we bring)! 


  • It was started 20 years ago, and has since built 100,000 transitional homes throughout Latin America by mobilizing nearly 1M volunteers
  • Their approach is sustainable and community-led; this is not a one-off and communities are supported for the long term
  • This home will have a locking door and windows for security, solid roof and walls to protect from the elements, and a raised floor
  • And a family's life will change forever.


  • Funds go to build supplies, tools, day-of execution
  • Every $6,500 means another home is funded
  • On the Journey we stay at reputable hotels, learn from the locals, and support the local economy through sustainable and responsible travel.
  • On this page there are different amounts you can choose to give
  • We humbly suggest $100 or more: this will make it possible for us to hit our goal. 

FAQ's (and fine print)

Q: Where does my money go?

A: Funds go to Journey's nonprofit partner World Housing: World Housing is registered charity in both Canada and the USA and provides homes to families living in slums in the developing world, fostering communities where families can thrive with safety, security, and access to the resources that change lives.  

100% of the funds donated (after platform fees) will go directly to building homes for families in need. Journey's non-profit partner, World Housing, is proud to operate on the 100% model, where every dollar of the operating costs are covered by a group of social impact investors. This means every dollar donated goes to home building.


This campaign is raising money with permission and on behalf of World Housing. To learn more, visit worldhousing.org

Q: How are families chosen for a home?  

A:  Families are chosen based on a set of priorities determined by surveys, and information shared by the families and community members. Before the families receive the home, our building partner receives their consent in order to start with the construction. 

The process includes the following.

Identification & Assignment: Volunteers and representatives of the community identify and distinguish the conditions of vulnerability of these homes and slums

Brainstorming in the Field: building is done through participatory design and solutions are created together with the residents of the community in order to tackle the identified needs.

Precarious Housing = Urgent Problem: The process of community development starts with the construction of transitional houses, with the mass participation of volunteers and the families of the community.

Q: What happens to additional funding for a project when the goal is met?

A: Funds go into a general pool, to be applied to other impact projects.

Q: Will I get a tax receipt?

A: You will receive a Canadian tax receipt for your donation before the end of the year. 

More questions? Message us for answers.


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