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The Mistake

Giving outsiders access to our listing data was the biggest mistake in business history. Zillow and others used our listings for their benefit, not ours... harming our clients and weakening our profession in the process.   We must act now to take back control of our listings, our business and our future... before it's too late.

The Solution

The answer is to have our own aggressively marketed website, a home search portal owned and operated by America's real estate agents. It will be a website that sells our listings instead of using our listings against us.

The Plan

This crowdfunding campaign is to raise the $1.1 million we need to build this website, develop the marketing, and then let every agent in America take a look. When we have industry consensus that the website and marketing are amazing, we will launch a Regulation A+ securities offering available only to real estate agents and brokers. The goal is to turn control of the website over to the real estate industry in 2018 and raise $50,000,000 from the stock offering to begin national marketing. If only 10% of Realtors purchased just $375 in stock, we would easily raise the $50,000,000. 

Save Our Amazing Profession

This is the best "save our amazing profession" plan ever devised. We have committed, capable leadership and widespread industry support. Please contribute what you can. This project deserves a chance. It may be the last chance we have to Stop Zillow and others who intend to stop us. 
Greg Hague, The Real Estate Maverick 


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We’re launching the best, most advanced dual app technology in real estate to eliminate our profession’s dependency on 3rd party websites like Zillow.

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