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Founder Rob ’s life was turned upside down when his older brother, Tom, sustained a traumatic brain injury as the result of a car accident. Tragically, Tom was unable to hold down a job or attend college after the incident. He lost independence in many ways, and Rob became frustrated with how little he was able to provide any real help for his brother. In the early 2000s, Rob had an idea to help Tom gain independence. In 2005, Tom became the first of dozens of adults with neurological disorders to start working at InReturn . Today, InReturn has a capacity for 30 employees and we are seeking to continually expand and grow our ability to enrich the lives of our associates, which helps foster their sense of purpose and helps them feel empowered, enriched, and valued.

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InRETURN is a Non-Profit that inspires, empowers and motivates individuals who have a neurological injury, disease, or disorder. Our associates are employed in a manufacturing setting and receive job and life skills training.

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