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We are a 100% volunteer run and 100% donation funded organization—no overhead, no fancy offices, no high paid execs, and no glossy commercials—just a bunch of people who love doxies enough to forgo sleep and probably retirement to make sure they find good homes. Every dollar helps and we make sure each and every single one of them goes as far as it possibly can... On average, the vetting of each DRSF Doxie we welcome to our family is over $1,000 (we have some seriously geeky number crunchers who need to get out more....). We are not backed by large corporations or grants, but by people just like you, who love doxies, and love an happy ending. Would you consider a tax deductible donation of any size to support us?

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He is tiny, and red, frosty faced, 12+ years old and is in need of a great amount of medical care. Tonight, Batman is safe with DRSF and resting at LeadER Animal Hospital after a medical transport brought him up to Broward after Batman's family ...

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Three more sweet souls with large medical needs have come to us in search of safe harbor, each in need of hope, each in need of a chance...each so deserving. How do we choose which to say yes to and who to say no? Who gets the relief of knowing that ...

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For the 2nd Friday in a row, DRSF has been called on to be a safety net for a dog whose family who was not equipped to provide or care for their doxie with IVDD. Last week we were the safety net for Sunday. Tonight, DRSF is the safety net for Miles, ...

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9 Days running

It has happened so many times, you would think it wouldn't still break our heart, but it does. This afternoon Sunday’s family brought him to Dr Bruce’s Animal Hospital to be put down for IVDD. Sunday has been down for three days and they were not ...

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DRSF was contacted today to ask for help with a New Mom who had been rescued from The Redlands and had recently given birth. She was in rough shape and urgently needed medical care. We got the beautiful girl we named Nisha, meaning night, and her 9 ...

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25 Days running

Emergency Medical Rescue A Medical Transport is on the road heading to Leader Animal Specialty Hospital after a medical rescue request went out from the shelter this afternoon for this little angel. We have named her Glitter and she will ...

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After the earthquake in Puerto Rico, all the rescuers there are doing everything they can to get the dogs out. Healthy dogs don’t have much of a chance there so a down dog has almost zero chance of survival. One of our partners in PR reached out to us ...

$1,865 raised of $7k goal
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The plea went out from the shelter help with a little boy - only 5 or 6 months old and all of 6.25 lbs. His medical notes described him as "ambulatory on 4 but lameness on his left right leg - barely placing weight". We held our breath and kept ...

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Her photo came to our intake team from a shelter way out of our area. Her head was low, her eyes were tired, the shelter said there was a problem with her jaw and she couldn't close her mouth, she looked like she had given up. Her frosty face and look ...

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The email went out from the shelter late this afternoon - a little girl with a large, ulcerated mammary mass was blasted to all the shelters rescue partners for medical rescue. The shelter was not equipped to treat her and they needed someone to come ...

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