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We are a 100% volunteer run and 100% donation funded organization—no overhead, no fancy offices, no high paid execs, and no glossy commercials—just a bunch of people who love doxies enough to forgo sleep and probably retirement to make sure they find good homes. Every dollar helps and we make sure each and every single one of them goes as far as it possibly can... On average, the vetting of each DRSF Doxie we welcome to our family is over $1,000 (we have some seriously geeky number crunchers who need to get out more....). We are not backed by large corporations or grants, but by people just like you, who love doxies, and love an happy ending. Would you consider a tax deductible donation of any size to support us?

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Her eyes are big and beautiful. From the front she looks like a sweet frosty faced little girl that could belong to any one of us. However, if you see her from behind, little Cleo is the face of fear the very best and neglect at the very worst. Cleo ...

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FInley was paralyzed in the shelter...

$8,012 raised of $7k goal
78 Weeks running

Your support means a lot to us. Please consider donating or spreading the word about our cause.

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Over the last 10 years, each year we think that maybe things will slow down. Perhaps THIS is the year when we will get a break. Maybe THIS year is the year that the crisis has past. If that year is out there, 2019 is not that year. So far in this ...

$3,663 raised of $7.5k goal
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Life can change in the blink of an eye, and today life changed for Suli. Her family brought her to LeadER with what appeared to be a neck problem and after an examination and some x-rays it became clear that Suli had a problem that required complex ...

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10 Days running

His head is hung low and his eyes are dark due to unimaginable pain. His physical pain is real and beyond our comprehension. Our hearts are in pain as all this could have been avoided if he had been neutered. Gerald came to us as a "stray" from a ...

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Cordelia's life was not her own. She was forced to have puppies over and over again and they were taken from her way too soon. Just a few short days ago, she suffered this heartbreak again and was the victim of a c-section that went very badly. She ...

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He is only 2 years old and was found between two garbage cans on a wet morning in Miami with a broken leg. His eyes show how tired he is and how much pain he is in. His intake photo broke our hearts in his capturing his darkest moment. The shelter ...

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There are days we sound like broken records as we feel we tell the same story over and over again. Today is one of those days... See if this one sounds familiar; "medical rescue needed for senior female in shelter with mammary masses." She was ...

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Cody Was Down And Needed Help

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