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We are a 100% volunteer run and 100% donation funded organization—no overhead, no fancy offices, no high paid execs, and no glossy commercials—just a bunch of people who love doxies enough to forgo sleep and probably retirement to make sure they find good homes. Every dollar helps and we make sure each and every single one of them goes as far as it possibly can... On average, the vetting of each DRSF Doxie we welcome to our family is over $1,000 (we have some seriously geeky number crunchers who need to get out more....). We are not backed by large corporations or grants, but by people just like you, who love doxies, and love an happy ending. Would you consider a tax deductible donation of any size to support us?

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Their Mom Died and Nobody Even Knew Their Names

$3,000 raised of $3k goal
18 Hours running

Misaki has suffered in ways we seldom see...

$4,625 raised of $4.5k goal
18 Days running

Spock had until 4PM to Live

$1,560 raised of $1.5k goal
7 Days running

22 Dogs in 7 Days

$7,320 raised of $8.8k goal
19 Days running

Purebred Parvo Pups Have No Chance But Us

$7,505 raised of $7.5k goal
52 Days running

Madee and Michi Have Parvo and Not Many Options..

$2,500 raised of $5k goal
30 Days running

We don't know if we got to Dounia in time....

$2,565 raised of $2.5k goal
26 Days running

Hilton Was Returned For Euthanasia To The Same Shelter His Family Adopted Him From....

$2,655 raised of $2.5k goal
80 Days running

Muriel's Only Hope

$2,190 raised of $2k goal
39 Days running

A1966733 Didn’t Have Many Options

$1,555 raised of $1.5k goal
40 Days running