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We are a 100% volunteer run and 100% donation funded organization—no overhead, no fancy offices, no high paid execs, and no glossy commercials—just a bunch of people who love doxies enough to forgo sleep and probably retirement to make sure they find good homes. Every dollar helps and we make sure each and every single one of them goes as far as it possibly can... On average, the vetting of each DRSF Doxie we welcome to our family is over $1,000 (we have some seriously geeky number crunchers who need to get out more....). We are not backed by large corporations or grants, but by people just like you, who love doxies, and love an happy ending. Would you consider a tax deductible donation of any size to support us?

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We have no idea how long she has suffered. We have no idea how many people watched her eyes get infected and the mammary masses on her tummy get larger. We can only assume that when this beautiful girl started to try and eat the mammary mass that she ...

$3,005 raised of $3.5k goal
2 Days running

We don't know what Polo's life was like before he was surrendered to a local shelter, but it could possibly be the best thing that ever happened to him. This sweet little boy is 7 years old, weights all of 4 pounds and was surrendered for "difficulty ...

$2,775 raised of $4k goal
15 Days running

Just when we think we have seen it all, we realize we have not seen it all. Pickle came to DRSF this week from a rescue in Puerto Rico and there are no words that we can add to evoke more feelings than these photos do on their own. We have no idea how ...

$1,175 raised of $1.5k goal
11 Days running

Cabot is a beautiful, red, senior, doxie boy whose body tells the story of a lifetime of neglect. DRSF came to know of Cabot months ago when a rescue in Puerto Rico reached out to us for help for him - he needed medical care for many things, among ...

$2,650 raised of $3k goal
19 Days running

2019 is just half way over and there are no signs of the need letting up. As of today, DRSF is 35 dogs ahead on intake of where we were last year, and the last 30 days have seen a parade or urgent medical needs the likes of which we do not remember - ...

$5,720 raised of $7.5k goal
35 Days running

The dogs are coming so fast we can hardly keep up.... we haven't even gotten 1.5 lb pup Calliope discharged from LeadER after a life saving blood transfusion to support her from hookworm anemia, and today we got a call asking for help for the little ...

$1,965 raised of $4.5k goal
40 Days running

Hillary Needs Us Hillary arrived at Leader Animal Specialty Hospital late this afternoon, estimated at 17 years old, after being surrendered to a local shelter. She is under the care of Dr Spahn, and has presented with emaciated, dehydrated, ...

$2,428 raised of $4k goal
22 Days running

We can't catch our breath, but we will keep paddling as long as you support us! The DRSF 15 from the Miami hoarding case are not even fully settled yet, but the dogs keep coming... Beautiful Ina is only 4 years old and was surrendered to DRSF with an ...

$1,134 raised of $2k goal
64 Days running

Oh the stories we hear... The plea went out for these 3 beautiful senior girls and once again, DRSF answered the call. Owner surrender seniors at the local shelter don’t have many choices and don’t have much time. We recognize that Angel is a bit of a ...

$280 raised of $2k goal
41 Days running

Another day, another puppy "roaming" the streets of Miami. Heartbreaking under any conditions, but all the more curious when that "stray" is a less an one pound puppy, who can't be any more than 4 weeks old. MDAS was desperately trying to find help ...

$1,505 raised of $1.5k goal
44 Days running