Public Thank You!

A Perk for contributing $20 or more
to Save the Memorial that Honors Military Women
by AcademyWomen

Selected by Susan Feland and 3 others.


This item has been discontinued by AcademyWomen.

We'll thank you by name on all our Social Media channels.

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Public Salute
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We'll thank you publicly via social media for your support. We salute you!
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One More Day!
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Your donation of $2,000 will fund the Women's Memorial for one more day.
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1 More Hour!
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Your donation of $200 will keep the Women's Memorial open and preserving military womens' history for 1 more hour.
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Calling military women and all who support us, to save the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington, VA. This memorial was built in our honor. If every one of us donates at least $20, we can keep it open for 20 more years. #20-4-20