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Save the Memorial that Honors Military Women
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This campaign is being launched by military women to fund a Memorial that was built in OUR honor.   

Due to the extraordinary efforts of retired Air Force Brigadier General Wilma L. Vaught, the Women in Military Service for America Memorial opened its doors in October 1997 as the only national memorial to recognize and honor the service of America's almost 3 million military women who have proudly served since the American Revolution.  

Annette Wells Freeman & Wilma Vaught review blueprints during construction of the Women's Memorial

Up until 2010, Congress had earmarked money each year to supplement the operating cost of the Women’s Memorial.  When that funding ended, the WIMSA Foundation began relying solely on private donations to keep the doors open. But these donations have not been enough.

Now, almost 20 years after its opening, the Women’s Memorial is at risk of closing its doors due to a lack of funding.     

We cannot let this happen.

The Women's Memorial has served as a rallying point for current military women and a pilgrimage site for women veterans.  The Memorial tells the story of women’s service to over 150,000 visitors every year and has permanently registered almost 300,000 military women ensuring their contributions to America are preserved for future generations.

Money raised in this campaign will be used to keep the doors of the Women's Memorial open for its 20th Anniversary in 2017 and beyond. The Women's Memorial would not exist today except for the vision and efforts of military women who 20 years ago began fundraising to build and open this memorial.  It's up to military women now, to ensure the memorial stays open for another 20 years.

We are asking all current and veteran military women (and all supporters of military women) to contribute $20 to this campaign. Whether you are able to give $2, $20, $200, $2000, $20000 or more – no amount is too small and every dollar matters. 

Will you chip in?

$1.5 million raised will keep the doors open for one year - $7.5 million for another five - $30 million for another twenty.  With over 2.3 million active, guard, reserve, and veteran military women alive today, certainly we can mobilize our resources to ensure a memorial that was built in our honor will NEVER AGAIN have to face the threat of being closed due to a lack of funds.

Ladies. We can do this. Give $20 to keep the doors open for another 20 years.

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AcademyWomen has partnered with the Women in Military Service for America Memorial to offer an online home for all military women through its Military Women eMentor program.  90% of all proceeds raised through this campaign will fund the efforts of the Women’s Memorial. 10% will support the Military Women eMentor community.


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