Team for Special Education Teacher


This item has been discontinued by International China Concern (Hong Kong SAR).

$310 HKD
Support a Child for 1 Month
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$1,860 HKD
Support a Child for 6 Months
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$3,720 HKD
Support a Child for 1 Year
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$250 HKD
Salary of caregiver $5000 monthly ($250 as 1 unit)
關顧者的工資$ 5000 /每月

Not only does our caregiver continuing taking care of the young adults and children in ICC, they also enhancing their self –care ability. Our caregivers also teach our young adult for their home works and assist them to go on their therapies and exercises.

我們關顧者除了一直繼續照顧ICC的年輕人和小孩子, 也在幫助提高他們自理的能力教導他們。關顧者也一直在幫助年輕人做功課。和協助他們在家中繼續進行治療和運動。
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$500 HKD
Swimming Pool renovation $ 2000 ($500 as 1 unit)

Swimming Pool is very essential for hydrotherapy and for children/young adults to be able to exercise in the pool.
The renovation of our swimming pool means a lot to our children - Especially for those who suffer from cerebral palsy, a physical condition involving the tightening of the muscles that is caused by the damage to the brain. It is a place which provides them with treatment, hope, and a sense of belonging. 
Through your donation, you make it possible for us to continue to improve our existing facilities, and to provide a pleasant environment for our children to learn and grow.  

replacement of swimming rings 更換游泳圈 1000
clothing 泳裝 1000 RMB.
Total 總計 2000RMB
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$1,000 HKD
PlayGround Renovation公園維修 $20000 ($1000 as 1 unit)
Our playground is one of the important facility in our center, usually for children's outdoor activities, simple therapies and relax.

Pagoda has reached the end of it’s life. It has provided 4 years of faithful service against the extremes of Hunan’s winter cold summer heat and fairly unrelenting humidity. Its roof and legs need to retire before they collapse

Having a pagoda in Hengyangs playground provides such a valuable place for our children and young people to gather, chat and enjoy relaxed outdoor time together. A space to develop all important relationships that nurture healthy emotional development.

We would love to replace the rotten structure with a new one. The cost including installation is around 15 000 before retention from National offices and the Hunan charity federation. We would hope this one would last longer than 4 years!

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$250 HKD
Wheelchair Repair Fund 輪椅維修基金$2500($250 as 1 unit)
Wheelchair Repair Fund 輪椅維修基金

We are in need of 2000 RMB for funding of small parts for the repairs of existing wheelchairs within the projects. These include specialist clips, belts, chest straps and ankle supports. These items are essential to repair and modify the children’s chairs due to both growth and daily wear and tear.
我們需要2000元人民幣的資金,用於現有輪椅的維修。 其中包括專業夾子,皮帶,胸帶和腳踝支撐。 這些物品對於兒童座椅的成長和日常磨損均是不可或缺的。
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$620 HKD
YuChen's wheelchair 雨晨的輪椅 $9300 ($620 as 1 unit)
Yu Chen 雨晨 - 14 years old (Girl)
FPP 家・友同行  | Changsha 長沙

Chen is a 14 year girl supported by our Family Partners program in Changsha.
Her family will be greatly helped in caring for Chens needs by providing a specialist chair for her to use at home and around the city. The chair will come with adaptations for her bodies specific needs.

The Ormesa clip costs 8000 RMB
型號:Ormesa Clip
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$1,300 HKD
Anni's wheelchair 安妮輪椅 $13000 ($1300 as 1 unit)
Li An Ni 李安妮 - 12 years old (Girl)
FPP 家・友同行 | Changsha 長沙

AnNi is a 12 year girl supported by our Family Partners program in Changsha.

She has Cerebral Palsy and can walk very short distances, but is not stable on her feet, when she leaves the house she needs a chair. Her family will be greatly helped in caring for her needs by providing a light weight chair for her to use, as her mother has a heart defect that makes her tire easily.

The Ormesa clip costs 11,000 RMB, the company has none in stock and will need to ship in new ones.
型號:Ormesa clip
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$1,500 HKD
YuXiang's Wheelchair 宇祥的輪椅$15000 ($1500 as 1 unit)
Li Yu Xiang 李宇祥 - 14 years old (Boy)
Enquan Yuan 恩泉園 | Changsha 長沙

YuXiang came into ICC’s care last year. He has cerebral palsy and needs a chair through the day to get around. He is unable to walk and a specialist chair is vital from both his comfort each day, and to protect his posture into the future.
He needs a new specialised back with chest and head support.

宇祥去年接受了ICC的護理。 他患有腦癱,整天需要椅子才能四處走動。 他無法走路,專用的輪椅可以保護他有正確的姿勢,對他未來成長非常重要。

Cost 費用: 13 000 RMB 人民幣
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$1,500 HKD
Li Bin's Wheelchair 李斌的輪椅$15000 (1500 as 1 Unit)
Li Bin 李斌 - 16 years old (Boy)
Sunbird 太陽鳥之家 | Hengyang 衡陽

Bin needs a replacement specialised back system for his wheelchair as he has grown really tall in the last 2 years.
His old one will go to a younger boy in Changsha called Cao Xiao who is also in great need . 

Cost 費用: 13 000 RMB 人民幣
Brand 品牌: Sunrise medical
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$2,900 HKD
Jiao's Wheelchair 嬌的輪椅 $58000 ($2900 as 1 unit)
Yang Long Jiao 陽隆嬌 - 8 years old (Girl)
Swallow Family 燕子之家 | Hengyang 衡陽

Jiao is a growing girl with Cerebral Palsy. She has outgrown her present wheelchair and desperately needs the support and comfort of a properly fitting specialised wheelchair which will grow with her over the next years.
嬌是一名患有腦癱的女孩。 由於她在不斷成長中,所以她的現在的輪椅已經不合適了,急需找一個合適的專用輪椅來支撐,該輪椅將應付往後幾年的成長。

Sunrise zippie Iris with J3 back and whitmyer headrest costs 50 000 rmb
型號:Sunrise Zippy Iris 跟J3椅背和Whitmyer頭枕
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$2,900 HKD
WeiHeng's wheelchair 偉恆的輪椅 58000 (2900 as 1 unit)
Zhang Wei Heng 張偉恆- 13 years old (Boy)
Enquan Yuan 恩泉園 | Changsha 長沙

WeiHeng came into ICC’s care a year ago and is in great need of an appropriate chair. WeiHeng has Cerebral Palsy, needs a wheelchair and table to use throughout everyday. His specific physical needs means the specialist chair cost 50 000 RMB. It will have the ability to grow with him and will last him many years bringing comfort, appropriate support and ease of transport.
衛衡去年接受了ICC的護理,急需一位合適的輪椅。 衛衡患有腦癱,每天都需要輪椅和桌子。 所以意味著需要為他定制5萬元人民幣的專用輪椅。 可以陪伴他一起成長,帶來舒適和方便他日常的出入。

Sunrise zippie Iris with J3 back and whitmyer headrest costs 50 000 RMB
型號:Sunrise Zippy Iris 跟J3椅背和Whitmyer頭枕
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