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*The moment when i met my tin opener*

My name is Tank.
I am a 7 year old male cat and I live in Kabul/Afghanistan. I have lived my entire life there. I was a small kitten when my mom brought me and my brother to a camp in Kabul.
She said that this is a good place for us. We have enough food, water and when we are ill the humans will help us.

When i grew up, I found my own quarter.
It is in the Spanish-Italian quarter.
I met a lot of humans. Some of them give me human food, but this is trash for us. But I love tuna.
So learned to talk with humans.
I look to them with my sad eyes and than I started meowing. It works - more tuna for me.
And some of them even pet me!
...But in the night I was alone. Sometimes I met other cats, but they were stronger than me.
Most of the fights I lose.
So my days consisted of begging for more tuna and looking for cosy, quit place to sleep.

But not all humans are friendly to me - the are stressed of me because I am a little bit louder than other cats. They scared me away. And I hate the alerts. It is to loud - and scared me, that I hide me the rest of the day.

In the last year things started to change.
Everything was the same in the camp. But then Jenny arrived in Kabul. She worked in the quarter where i live. I met her in her first week. I walked upstairs, she sits on the bench and talked to other humans. I walked up to her, sniffed her hand and it was clear for me: she is new here. She smells different.
So first I made my way to my food bowl and left her on the bench. It was afternoon and some humans will bring me more tuna.
The next day i came back to her office. It was evening and she was sitting on the bench and waiting for a German friend.
I talked to her and she was petting me. She was lovely. She was quiet and lovely, she gave me a little bit fresh water so I fell asleep next to her on the bench.
In the next weeks, I did this every evening. Talking, petting, drinking, sleeping - next to her.

Her chief met me months before I met her.
Normally he is allergic of cats, but with me he isn’t. So i was allowed to go inside the office.
It was awesome. Four humans and everybody loves me.
Jenny's mom and her boyfriend send kitty treats to Kabul. I love German kitty treats.
Most of the time I sleep on her chair or on her legs. But if I'm not sleeping, I play with the cups of waterbottles, I am playing under the plotter machines or I lay on the bench in the sun.

If I don’t show up in the office, Jenny calls me.
And it doesn’t matter where I am: I start meowing and running to her! Like a dog!
I love my human!
The times flies by and it was clear - Jenny must leave Kabul. I was really sad so i decide: I want to go with her!!!

The humans from the Feline Force Protection Programme brought me to the Nowzad Clinic, they checked my blood and now I am still waiting.
In Corona time we must wait longer for flights to Europe.

I talked to the humans from Nowzad - it is impossible to pay a flight or my medications and food with hunted mices or kitty treats. Now I will try to collect some money for food and all the things that the humans from Nowzad gives me. I need your help - I want to go to Germany to Jenny. 

With a big meow to my friends, Tank


Donations via check can be mailed to:

Nowzad Dogs NFP, 2770 Main Street #161
Frisco, Texas, 75033, USA

Please include the animal that you would like to donate to in your mailing.


If, for whatever reason, the companion animal rescue is not successful (such as disease or injury) then at the discretion of Nowzad Dogs, the funds collected via this Fundrazr page will be allocated to support the vital daily operational costs of the Nowzad Dogs small animal clinic and shelter in Kabul 
The total required for a companion animal to travel to North America is usually a minimum of $5000 for a dog and at least $3000 for a cat (we make no profit and everything is subject to currency valuations and fuel prices on the day). We are sadly unable to offer refunds on donations. 

To receive a tax-deductible receipt where applicable, or for any other queries including copyright of photos, please contact:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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