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 Angels for Humanitarian Aid is a Canadian non-profit organization for international cooperation presided by me Carlos Andres Bromley, who aims to help needy communities in the areas of health and education

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We are raising this money to help the kids at the JM de los Rios hospital in Venezuela, who need Hemodialysis catheters to be able to survive while following the Dialysis treatment.   As you can see below we have already provide one catheter to the hospital for Daniel Laya a 1 year old kid and we have bought a second one for Greiber Cuences a 7 years old kid, which is on his way to Venezuela.

We have contact with the Nephrology department of the hospital to make sure the appropiate catheters are found depending on the specific cases received at the hospital, and we make sure this devices are given to the appropiate people, thanks to our ambassadors located in Venezuela.


Daniel Laya Mother

Please ser the second catheter donated to the hospital

second catheter donated to the hospital

Please see the history below to have an idea of what is the current situation at this hospital. The information below has been retrieved from the following article:

This is dangerous for you and for me. There’s a real climate of fear”, says the doctor as he sits nervously in a room off intensive care at the JM de Los Rios Children’s Hospital in Caracas.

Dr Huniades Urbina is trying to expose the desperate shortage of drugs and medical supplies in what should be the best equipped paediatric unit in Venezuela, but he is taking a great risk.  

  Huge numbers of medicines are now hard or impossible to find, from antibiotics and painkillers to anti-epilepsy and chemotherapy drugs.

D r Urbina says the unit has gone back to methods and medications used decades ago, because of the shortages. Where once they had state of the art chemotherapy for cancer patients he says they now have to make do with lesser options. “Sometimes people die because of these shortages, even here in the best children’s intensive care unit in Venezuela”, he says

Testing kits for blood and other disposables are also scarce. The hospital has taken to boiling and reusing items that are supposed to be for single-use. When challenged on the dangers of this Dr Urbina’s junior colleague Dr Alvarez agrees but says they have no choice”

The intensive care unit is operating with a reduced number of beds. That is partly due to the shortages of supplies, and also because of the shortage of doctors. Around 10,000 are estimated to have left the country in recent years.  “

     We do our best to help because this is what makes sense to do in cases like this.



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