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Documentaries can change the world! But too often, filmmakers barely have the resources to make their film, let alone get it seen by audiences. So, ECO DOX is raising money to help filmmakers get their films seen. Help us help them change the world!


The stories that matter!

Imagine waking up one morning with no home and no country, forced by gunpoint to a refugee camp because you and your family were deemed incompatible with the rest of the country – a nation you’ve called home your entire life ( The Refugees of Shangri La).

Imagine that your vacation plans were dashed because the island paradise you were going to is now under water due to the effects of global warming ( Thule Tuvalu).

Or, simply imagine waking up one morning to the realization that there are no more living, wild African elephants ( Pembe Ya Ndovu).

Some of these things have already happened. Some are destined to happen if immediate action isn’t taken. And all of these issues are being tackled by filmmakers, many risking their lives to capture the stories that matter.

Yet, tragically, most of these films are never seen by the public. And many of these issues remain woefully unaddressed.


To change the world, you have to know there is a problem!

There is an old adage, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, I think we can all agree - we do. In fact, some might argue, we live in downright scary times! Whether we’re discussing environmental catastrophes, human rights crises, this whole volatile election cycle or even Brexit, our world has really spun out of control.

But things don’t need to remain that way. Fortunately, there are lots of people out there trying to make a real difference. Teachers. Activists. Filmmakers. To list just a few.

One of the most effective ways to create positive change, the kind that results in actual legislation and policy shifts, is via education.

And what is one of the easiest and most effective ways to educate people? Documentary film.

The medium of film can be an extremely persuasive tool to enlighten people about real world issues. When done well, documentaries do more than educate; they inspire, and move people to take action on specific topics (think Black Fish).

But how do these problems get exposed, if the films produced about them are never revealed?

The simple truth is that these talented, many times award-winning independent filmmakers, often spend their life savings, even their families' savings, borrowing money from friends, co-workers, even strangers, just to get their films made. ​

But there is an entirely separate side to the filmmaking process, one which is just as important as production but which most filmmakers fail to consider. It’s called marketing and distribution. Marketing and distribution is how a film builds an audience and creates revenue. And many times, the cost to properly market and distribute a film is equal to the cost of production.

So the question remains - how do we get these smaller, independent documentaries, that don’t have a marketing budget established, seen by audiences around the world? The answer is ECO DOX and YOU!


A small company with giant dreams!

ECO DOX is a newly established, grassroots-oriented, film distribution consultancy specializing in the representation, sales, licensing and marketing of environmental and human rights-themed documentaries.  ​Currently we represent 40 extraordinary, award-winning films.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in 40 days in order to establish a marketing fund for our films to cover their publicity, advertising and promotions.  With a $25,000 budget, we will be able to secure a big enough audience for most of the films to attract larger domestic and international distributors to air the docs and help these wonderful auteurs change the world.

In addition, we have some fun perks at various contribution levels and there will be some amazing surprises throughout the course of the fundraiser, so check back often!

We also encourage you to visit our website at, and take a look at our on-line catalog to view the film trailers.

If you, too, feel that these films matter and deserve to be seen, then please consider making a contribution.

And be sure to share this fundraiser with as many people as you can!

You are the key to getting these films noticed.

Thank you from all of us at ECO DOX, LLC!

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