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Started in 2012, Giving Tuesday is a "global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world" 

Throughout 2020 and for over a decade before, it is your generosity from across the country and around the world that has built a community like no other that we know.  A community who gives harder and loves harder than anyone would ever imagine, to be the safety net for so many dogs who have nobody to come for them when they are hurt, nobody to heal them when they are sick, and nobody to hold them and tell them they are loved as they cross.

You are their somebody.  You give them hope.  You make our work possible. 

This year has been a year like no other.  You have given so much to help them heal from injuries, illnesses, and situations that no other group we know of can handle.  

You have made it possible for us to rescue over 400 dogs, many of whom have required significant medical care.  Some have gone on to heal completely and be adopted, some remain as forever fosters, and despite our best efforts, some we were not able to help and crossed the bridge, but did so knowing they were loved.

Our model works in such a way that we fundraise for each dog as we go and for those dogs we fall short on, DRSF's "warchest" makes up the difference.  Our Warchest has taken a beating this year with many of our urgent medical needs dogs falling short of their Funding Finish Line.  

For Giving Tuesday this year, we are going to feature some of the dogs who, despite your generosity, have fallen short of their financial goals in the hopes that on this day of Global Giving, you might be inspired to help us close that gap.

From all of us at DRSF, thank you for believing in us and our work, and thank you for your generosity to ensure we can move into 2021 with our Warchest ready to go. 



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