One More Puppy Mill Closed - 24 More Lives Saved
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They are dark, lonely, and the conditions are horrible.  Thousands of dogs have lived their entire lives there without once knowing kind hands, a soft fed, and clean food. 

We have no idea why puppy mills sill even exist, or what compels people to purchase dogs, but tonight, there is one more puppy mill shut down, and DRSF is honored to have partnered once again with Animal Rescue Fund in Amelia, OH to welcome all the doxies - TWENTY FOUR of them, from this recently closed down mill.

These sweet souls arrived after a long ride from Ohio (and even longer ride for their transporter who went up to Ohio from FTL one day and then back home again the next), arriving in Florida at 2AM.  A short time later, and with a process that made the invasion at Normandy look like a walk in the park, they had all been cleaned up, loosely assessed, decided "who was going where" and thanks to a number of drivers from our DRSF Doxie Taxi team, and many of our incredible fosters, these little ones were on their way to the vets, for spay/neuter and then onto start their new lives, with likely their first beds, in their foster homes.

We are on the hook for over $7,000 in intake expenses to get these little ones vetted, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, and vaccinated.  Can you help us cover their care so that we can be ready for the next mill closure that comes our way?



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