Impact Guatemala Updates & Fundraising

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Impact Guatemala Dinner Party Fundraiser

In a time where big fundraising galas are out of the question, why not bring it home? Host a fundraising dinner party for a small group of people, and even enjoy a (virtual) guest appearance by program leader, Hilmar! Eat, drink, and be merry knowing you're making a difference.

How it works:


1. Sign up to be a party host and follow the prompts to create and customize your Dinner Party Page

2. Share your page with friends and family and encourage them to buy tickets and come

3. Enjoy a meal together (cook, or order in, up to you!)

4. Receive a zoom call from Hilmar, who will share with your party the impact that their support is having on the most vulnerable in Guatemala

5. Take photos of the whole experience to share on your page and with loved ones


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