Mushu Was Likely Hit By A Car As a Stray On The Streets
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The plea went out from the shelter help with a little boy - only 5 or 6 months old and all of 6.25 lbs.  His medical notes described him as "ambulatory on 4 but lameness on his left right leg - barely placing weight".  We held our breath and kept reading as we suspected we knew which words were coming next...

"Possible fracture pelvis"  

The three words we dread the most.  The three words that make our treasurer head for the closest bottle of wine she can find.  The most expensive care we provide that is the hardest to fundraise for.  For those who have been with us a while, you are familiar with the curse of the broken pelvis - an adorable dog, no visible injuries - what kind of a crisis is that?  There is nothing compelling there to donate.  

But we can't say no as there is no other group out there who is equipped to take these little ones that often require complex orthopedic surgery to put them back together again.  We saw his little face, handed our treasurer a cork screw, and placed our hold on the little boy we named Mushu.

The Pambulance picked him up and took him to LeadER where it was his lucky day as Dr. Unis was on duty and saw him immediately.  An exam and x-rays revealed that Mushu is suffering from multiple pelvic fractures and he has been started on pain meds, fluids, and a urinary catheter to limit his walking. 

And so 2020 begins with our first broken pelvis and we are back, just 16 days into the new year to ask your support to help us fund our most expensive and hardest to fund surgery.  We believe that Mushu deserves a chance, and we hope you do too.  Can Mushu count on you for a donation of even a few dollars to help him reach his goal?


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