InReturn Caregiver Fundraiser 2018 - David
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Start Date – 3/25/2008
FROM – San Juan, Puerto Rico

FAMILY – One Brother

HOBBIES – Hanging out with family and friends


I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Throughout my life, I have moved around a lot due to my mother’s employment at Procter and Gamble.  She was employed in Puerto Rico when I was born, then she was transferred to Philadelphia.  She was then transferred to Cincinnati where we live today in the Mason area.  During my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends.  I really enjoy going on vacations.  I have been to Europe, Costa Rica, and Cancun.  I am planning on going to Puerto Rico over Christmas to visit my family.


I studied at Scarlet Oaks for two years in the field of hotel operations.  I learned a lot about leadership at this time.  I was able to get a job at Kings Island where I worked in the picnic grove and the Resort hotel.  I was a team leader for 3 to 4 years while working at Kings Island.  Unfortunately, I lost that job.  While working with the group PLAN I heard about InRETURN.  I applied and got a job at InRETURN in March of 2008. 


At InRETURN, my favorite jobs include doing Sysco and Honda.  I also enjoy sorting and organizing.  I feel that I provide leadership here at InRETURN.  InRETURN has provided me with many opportunities, such as meeting new people, since I had never seen anyone else with a Traumatic Brain Injury before starting at InRETURN.  I have development dysphasia and I plan on staying here at InRETURN for a long time.

      “InRETURN makes me feel great.  I will be here for a long time.”

      “The classes help me with reading and my speech.”

The    InReturn   concept was developed to offer viable employment to individuals with cognitive challenges. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our associates by promoting an atmosphere of inclusion and personal success. The model is uniquely set in a structured work environment providing viable employment sustained through manufacturing contracts with local and national businesses and manufacturers. Associates participate in a therapeutic classroom setting to enhance life skills, such as managing everyday issues, community involvement, financial independence, and socialization. The recent addition of individual therapy services helps to enhance our associates achieve and sustain personal goals.    


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