The hunger for nutrition is universal. Access is not.
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Thrive for Good empowers people to grow health and step out of poverty by cultivating Life Gardens.

Globally, we’re better than ever at filling bellies with sheer calories. But food doesn’t equal nutrition.

2 billion people living on low-cost diets don’t get the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients they need for life. Kids don’t get enough nutrients to develop and grow strong. Adults can’t stay healthy to provide for their families.

Thrive is teaching and equipping people to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods - sustainably.

Life Gardens make this transformation possible. Well-nourished children get sick less often and perform better in school. Adults can fight disease, so fewer children are orphaned. With health and the skills to generate an income from growing surplus food, they can take hold of a life beyond poverty.

For just $15, you can give one person everything they need to grow their own health for life.


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How you can make a difference.

If we only focus on filling bellies, we won't solve the root problems of poverty.

To fight disease, grow strong and reach their full potential, people first need the nutrition that only an abundance of whole, living foods can deliver.

All of our efforts to solve problems of shelter, education, water, economics and healthcare will only get traction when the poor have equal access to nutrition.


If you know nutrition is a basic right...

If you believe we can end poverty and renew the planet...

If you want to help where you can make the biggest impact...


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