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The Amazing Raise 2018: Team MP Room
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The municipal shelter could not administer Zoe's diabetic shots in her kennel and therefore she found her way to SAINTS in Dec 2017. Her diabetes is still not under control and the shelter has just discovered she has thyroid issues that is not also under control. Zoe is kind of bitchy and has attitude so she doesn’t care if the MP Room wins or not. Ella, Diesel, and Oscar the grouch don’t understand this attitude cuz they want to hold onto their winner’s crown from last year.

In 2017 SAINTS’ vet bills totaled just over $205,000.  Most of the residents arrive at SAINTS with huge vet bills. A large percentage continue to require medical attention long after they have arrived.  We are therefore always looking for innovative and creative ways to ensure money continues to flow in so that we can care for the SAINTS.  The Amazing Raise, one of our more popular fundraisers, is back for its 7th year.  

 The Amazing Raise always puts fun into fundraising. The SAINTS’ are divided into 4 teams based on that part of SAINTS they consider home.  There is the House, the MP Room, and the Barn.  This year a fourth team has been added, Team Bunny Room. We thought they deserved their own team since they now have their very own separate building.  Each group is on a race to raise the most amount of money for their respective areas; it's all very exciting and for such a great cause! Each group has a team captain.  This year we have chosen to have money raised to go directly to our vet bills and therefore the team captains were all chosen to highlight the various medical issues SAINTS deals with on a daily basis.  And also because they are CUTE! 

 We invite the public to join in the fun by giving a donation to your favorite area of SAINTS. 


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