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It was a mistake letting third party websites (like Zillow) use our listings to take away our buyers... and now use those buyers to steal our sellers. This website will remedy that mistake.

A profession that sells homes should have its own website to market those homes...  

Hi, it's Greg

I started the Stop Zillow movement in the hope we could persuade Zillow to: 

1. STOP displaying inaccurate valuations next to asking prices (we'd lose our license if we displayed our valuation next to our sellers' asking prices).  

2. STOP displaying pay-for-leads agents next to homes they've never see (this is misleading to buyers and terrible for our listed sellers) .   

3. STOP coming between us and prospective sellers (with Instant Offers) to divert them to pay-for-leads agents (misleading to sellers and unfair to the industry that made Zillow). 

4. STOP allowing FSBOs to compete with our listed sellers (unfair to sellers who pay to support us, and are the key to attracting buyers to Zillow). 

I learned these things.  Zillow won't change. We need an alternative to Zillow (and the others), a website that we own and control as a profession. Think about it... an industry that sells homes should have its own website to market those homes. 

So I assembled a team to design the perfect website to bring back our buyers and sell our listings.  But  a website that eliminated Zillow's flaws wasn't good enough. We needed something special and compelling that would make buyers strongly prefer our website over the others. 

We found it... a feature so good it will change the way buyers shop for homes. After hundreds of hours (and over $100,000) we came up with a concept that will blow the doors off Zillow, Redfin, and every home search website. It gives buyers an irresistible advantage and doesn't cost you or your sellers a dime. Contributors can begin using it in their markets on Feb 19th next year.  

If you have more buyers you will list more sellers. Well-funded firms like Redfin, iBuyers and Zillow (Instant Offers)  can afford to lose money  to take our sellers away, something we can't do. Having the #1 website for buyers will help us all compete with these firms. 

How quickly will this website (and app) benefit you? The website (and smartphone app) will be in your hands on Feb 19th. Every contributor of $25 or more will be able to start generating CALLS from buyers who would normally look on Zillow, but will FIRST CALL YOU.  

The most powerful commission generating tool ever.. with NO LEAD FEES. This website and integrated smartphone app will produce immediate and serious buyer inquiries, buyers who will actually CALL YOU excited to talk with you. This should happen almost immediately, WITHIN HOURS of when you start using the website and app.  

Designed for the real estate profession. Watch the video below or read the Launch Plan Summary to learn how we plan to turn this website (and integrated smartphone app) over to the real estate profession. This is an UNSELFISH PROJECT backed by committed people who LOVE this profession. 

Why are we crowdfunding this project? Outside investors offered to fund this project. But they want control (typical) and a significant profit. That doesn't work because this website is being built to be owned by the real estate profession. If outside investors are involved there is nothing to prevent this from becoming another Zillow. 

This is not a typical crowdfunding campaign. Regardless of the amount raised, this website is being built and will be available to contributors on Feb 19th. I will personally cover any funding shortfall. 

THREE reasons to contribute. Our profession needs its own website, you need a better source of buyers, and the public deserves a website that doesn't turn them into lead bait. 

ONE MORE reason to contribute. Be among the first in your market to take buyers from Zillow, Redfin... and have them EXCITED TO CALL & TALK WITH YOU. How fun would that be? Profitable too. 

Some of the most influential people in real estate are behind this project. You will learn who they are on the live video broadcast from the website launch party the evening of Feb 17th. (or maybe you will be attending). 

Give it a chance. The perks are awesome. The upside is enormous. Contribute what you can. Please give it a chance. 

Greg Hague   

** If you have time, watch this 9-minute video. It outlines the website launch sequence, how we plan to raise $50,000,000 to kick off national advertising, and how we plan to cede control to the real estate profession... in perpetuity.


LEARN TO LIST & SELL LUXURY HOMES - A $50 contribution gets you the most recommended real estate course on LinkedIn, How to List & Sell Luxury Homes... never sold for less than $297.

IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS - A $100 contribution gets you Greg's Luxury Home Course + Kevin Ward's new Personality Speaking Course... never sold for less than $249 (both courses total $546 in value).

ACCESS THE #1 FACEBOOK MARKETING LIBRARY - A $200 contribution gets you the two courses above AND three months access to the top-rated Facebook Marketing Library for Realtors with awesome videos and plug-in images proven to generate quality buyer and seller leads... a value of $843 with the two courses.


**EXTRA BONUS** Contribute $50 or more
and get THE PERFECT LISTING PRESENTATION,  perhaps the best video I've ever produced. Over 50 years I developed a 9-part listing presentation that made me invincible on listing appointments. It's summarized in this 25-minute video I've only distributed to about 250 of my top coaching students

I'll send you the PRIVATE LINK. Please don't share. 

Contribute HERE

Launch Plan Summary 

BUILD THE WEBSITE - Part of your crowdfunding contribution will be used to build the website.

CREATE THE MARKETING - Part of your crowdfunding contribution will be used to develop a television, print and Internet marketing campaign to promote the website.

DEVELOP THE SECURITIES OFFERING - Part of your crowdfunding contribution will be used to retain securities attorneys for a stock offering that will enable you to become an owner.

UNVEIL THE WEBSITE - The website will be unveiled at the Website Launch Party in Scottsdale February 17, 2018. Contributors will receive private access via a live video feed.

WEBSITE DEMO - Contributors will receive private access to the website beginning February 19, 2018.

MAKE IT IRRESISTIBLE TO BUYERS - The website will incorporate a unique component buyers will LOVE, something no other website has ever offered.

NOT AN MLS - This will be a public-facing, high-tech, aggressively marketed home search portal to compete with Zillow and Redfin.

NATIONAL MARKETING - After we have proven our website takes buyers away from every other site, we plan a securities offering to allow you to purchase ownership (if you wish). We project the first round will raise $50,000,000 to kick off the national advertising.

ONGOING REVENUE - The website could be further monetized through affiliate advertising and/or minimal subscription fees. That will be up to you because you'll be an owner.

GOOD INTENTIONS, NO SUCCESS - Many well-intended website projects failed because they didn't have a compelling buyer magnet, widespread agent ownership (leading to agent adoption), and a viable plan to fund a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. WE HAVE IT ALL.

Contribute HERE


Contribute HERE

I addressed common questions in the video below. If you have unanswered questions don't hesitate to email me directly at Greg@RealEstateMavericks.com 


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Receive an invitation (for you and a guest) to attend the VIP Website Launch Party on February 17th at Greg Hague’s home in Scottsdale, Arizona! Meet industry heavyweights and enjoy a riveting performance by Nathan Dean (see the link below).

There will be an open bar and awesome food. You will be the first to view the website unveiling along with the television, print, and Internet ads that will promote it.

This perk also includes Greg Hague's luxury course, Kevin Ward's communication course, 3 months access to the best Facebook marketing library in real estate, as well as first opportunity to demo the new website. All perks are distributed on Fridays.
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