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Help Kids by Giving Parents Better Tools During the Pandemic-Every Penny Counts!
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This #GivingTuesday

You can help us make it easier for parents and caregivers and have a direct impact on children.

"Supporting my kids in school this year
goes far beyond stocking up on
folders and pencils. The anxiety and
uncertainty is too much for me,
let alone my children." 

- Jo, Devon, UK

" Everything is intensified...
the increased time together is causing
intense sibling rivalry and fighting."
- Joanna, San Diego, California

"I'm finding myself yelling at my kids!
How do I stop losing my cool?"

- Francesca, Melbourne, Australia


"Now that kids are home all day with no escape
hatch for anyone, what seemed like constant
conflict before the COVID-19 lockdown
has escalated, driving parents to next-level stress."

- Psychology Today

Parenting in a pandemic is having serious consequences on children, parents and families. You can make a difference.


"Pandemic has 'catastrophic'
impact on families"
- BBC News NI

The CDC reports "one-quarter of all
young adults contemplated suicide
during the pandemic"
- Politico News

"The Coronavirus is pushing America into a mental health crisis. Anxiety and depression are rising. The U.S. is ill-prepared,
with some clinics already on the brink of collapse"
- Washington Post

"Divorce rates soar in America by 34%
during the COVID-19 pandemic"
- UK Daily Mail




"In some parts of Canada,
front-line service providers noticed a
20-30% increase in
domestic violence reporting."

- Politics Options Politique

Together, we can help!

We believe that parents should feel safe, guided and supported.

We believe children should feel safe and secure knowing their parents are calm, consistent and confident.

We believe in giving families the tools and support to survive and thrive together.

We know that by giving families the tools and support they need, we can reduce domestic violence, divorce and support positive mental health.


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As a non-profit movement, Great Parenting Simplified has supported over 40,000 parents across 101 countries over the past 10 years. We provide a safe space where parents know they will receive simple and actionable support from peers and certified parent coaches to help transform their relationships within their family. During the current pandemic, we want to be able to expand our online program to offer it to more parents in need. 

How you can make a difference to families?

By donating today, you can get help for yourself; you can help someone you care about or you can support someone else in need. Every $30 will give a family meaningful practical online support they need for a month. We will keep you updated on the progress we are making together.  

It takes a village to raise a child and support parents.

Be the village by supporting this movement through donations and sharing.




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I am a parent who needs help, how can I receive help from GPS?

Please contact us via this page, and we will see how we can help today, and also how we can help in the longer term through the funds raised in this campaign


What if you go over your goal?

We will help more families and caregivers. We've made a huge impact in 40,000 families lives, but we know a third of families are struggling in this pandemic. There are more parents in need than we can currently help. The more we raise the more we can help.


What if you don't meet your goal?

We will help as many families as we can. We know everyone is struggling at this time, and we will continue to raise the funds to help families in need.


I am from the media and I need someone to speak about Pandemic Parenting

Just contact us at the campaign and we can line up Jacqueline Green our founder or a local spokesperson. We have over 30 local spokespeople in Canada, the US, Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, all happy to share the local angle.



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$30 USD
You can make a difference for one or more families
Every $30 you donate will help one family access the support they need for a month. How many families do you want to help?
They will have access to the Real Parents Roadmap
Membership Community:
A month's membership of the private online community providing practical information and peer and coach support. Your donation provides overwhelmed and stressed out parents a lifeline of support and an introduction to the idea that there is a saner and safer way to parent.

After you have donated you can choose to use the membership yourself, or give to someone you know, or donate to someone in need.
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$75 USD
One on One coaching session
One on One coaching session with a GPS certified coach delivered online.
- enables parents to connect with a qualified and supportive coach to identify their top parenting struggles and formulate actionable steps they can take to make an immediate difference in their families' lives.
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$300 USD
Year of Membership in the Real Parents Roadmap
Year of Membership in the Real Parents Roadmap
- ongoing resources to support overwhelmed parents with tools and coaching to help them achieve positive changes in their lives and the lives of their children
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Show Discontinued Perks
$150 USD
Great Parenting Simplified Interview Series
We're just simplifying the perks :)
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