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Help A Family in Uganda Recover from COVID-19 through Solar Energy
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Jane Namusisi (featured above) is one of the nearly 90% of Ugandans living without access to electricity. She is a devoted mother and grandmother who works hard to provide for her family. But without electricity their life is difficult. And with Uganda having had one of Africa’s strictest coronavirus lockdowns, she—like the vast majority of Ugandans—has been affected by the 45 days of having all non-essential businesses closed, transportation bans, and a nationwide curfew.

However, unlike many Ugandans, Jane had access to solar lighting, a radio, and a way to charge her phone through her solar home system from BrightLife.

A solar home system includes multiple overhead lights, a built in radio, and a mobile phone charging port.

BrightLife is helping families like Jane's rebuild their lives and stay safe until the pandemic is fully contained. One solar home system provides:

  • Safe, affordable lighting so children can study at night and parents can cook after dark.
  • The only source for many families to listen to the radio for news and updates about COVID-19.
  • A way for families to charge a cell phone⁠—a necessary component for maintaining a job or earning a living.

It costs about $210 for BrightLife to get a system into a customer’s home. Even when financed over a year, that’s still more than many people can afford. To bring that price within reach, BrightLife subsidizes about $30 on each unit, bringing customers’ payments down to around $3.50-4.00 per week.

And that’s where you come in. For just $30, your contribution will allow us to put another solar home system into a home like Jane’s at a price she can afford. Our goal is to raise at least $6,000 by August 15th, enough to help bring solar energy into 200 homes.

Help us bring the power of solar energy to families in Uganda—just $30 can be the difference between a family having lighting or living in darkness.


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$30 USD
Help 1 Family Get a Solar Home System
Jane Namusisi's grandson uses her solar home system to study at night while schools are closed due to COVID-19. Help a child like Jane's grandson have the opportunity to study at night.
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$60 USD
Help 2 Families Get Solar Home Systems
Anne Nanyka uses her solar home system as her only source to listen to the news and updates about COVID-19. Help 2 families like Anne's have the ability to receive access to news and information to keep them safe.
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$90 USD
Help 3 Families Get Solar Home Systems
Joweria Nalwadda uses her solar light to charge the mobile phone she uses to run her small retail shop. Help 3 families like Joweria's have the ability to charge their phones to help them earn a living.
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$150 USD
Help 1 Family Every Month for the Next 5 Months
Rose Nayiga uses her solar home system to cook dinner for her family at night. Help 5 families like Rose's have the ability to cook at night.
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