Alyssa's Family Handed Her Over to Be Euthanized and Walked Out
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We try not to judge.  We don't know what any one person or family has going on at any given time or what it is like to walk in their shoes.  But for the life of us, we can't wrap our head around handing over our doxie to the shelter to be euthanized, signing papers saying you agree to it, and walking out. 

That is what happened to Alyssa earlier today.  She is suffering from IVDD and her family brought her to the shelter to be put down.  The shelter cannot place a dog suffering from IVDD.  There was only one way out for Alyssa and that was with DRSF.  She had nobody to come for her.

The Pambulance came for her.

Alyssa was one of two urgent medical needs dogs rescued from MDAS today and the 1st stop the Pambulance made was at Southeast Veterinary Neurology where Alyssa met with Dr. Fitz who got her right to MRI and found two ruptured discs - T 12-13 on the right and L1-2 on the left.  There was no time to waste and Alyssa and Dr. Fitz are in surgery at this moment.

Alyssa is our 3rd IVDD dog in 3 weeks.  You are what keeps the Pambulance able to be the safety net for these little ones whose families give up on them.  We have asked for so very much this past week, but we will keep going as long as our community makes it possible.  

Alyssa will have her 2nd chance, and we ask your support in a gift of any size to cover her surgery so that we can be there for her and the next little one suffering from IVDD that we know is right around the corner <3 


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