Crios Was Surrendered To The Shelter In Need of Care
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The dogs are coming so fast we can hardly keep up.... we haven't even gotten 1.5 lb pup Calliope discharged from LeadER after a life saving blood transfusion to support her from hookworm anemia, and today we got a call asking for help for the little boy named Crios, at just 1.5lbs again, in need of medical care with parvo suspected.

We are so far out on a limb we can't even see the tree, but we might as well go for broke (literally and figuratively) and brought Crios in.  His symptoms are indicative of Parvo (lethargy, diarrhea) so Crios made his entrance to LeadER via the door to their isolation ward and was checked out by Dr. Spahn in full gear.  We don't know at this time if Crios is parvo positive at this time, but due to his symptoms, he is treated as if he is. 

We have totally run out of ways to ask for your support, as that is all we have done, every day for the last month.  Every dollar LITERALLY counts to keeping us going at this time, and we thank everyone who has been there, through more fundrazr's than we can count in the last 30 days. 

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