Selene's Jaw Has Been Ripped Off
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We had no words when we saw her rescue photo last night and today, we are still not able to comprehend what has happened to this sweet little girl.

Selene came to DRSF via a late night rescue from Miami. The Pambulance raced to get her the moment we could have her and get this Selene LeadER where their emergency Dr's and Surgeons were aware of her condition and knew that they were en route. 

As we shared last night Selene's entire lower jaw has been ripped off - it was literally hanging by skin and Selene somehow had a muzzle put on her to hold her jaw pieces in place to get her to LeadER.

Selene was immediately taken to the back to begin to assess her condition.  We don't know much about her and as usual, her family has no idea how this happened to her.  Examination Forensics tell us that it is likely that Selene lived outside as she is covered in tics and our working theory is that she was attacked by another dog outside.

Selene's vitals are sable along with her bloodwork, and she has had x-rays and will have surgery today.  She is understandably restless even on pain meds and the team at LeadER are working on a cocktail of meds to keep her as comfortable as possible until her procedure  and a bigger cone so that she doesn't traumatize what is there to work with any further. 

There was some de-gloving involved in her injury, but we will now know the extent until she is under anesthesia and they can get the muzzle off and see what they have to work with.  It is likely that Selene will lose the front half of her lower jaw but we will know more once she gets to surgery.

It is your support and compassion that make it possible for us to be the safety net when there is nowhere else for these little ones to turn.  We need your help to make it possible for us to be able to say yes.  Even $1 makes it possible for us to be there for every dog who makes their way to our door.  Will you help make it possible to help Selene and be ready for the next little one we know is right around the corner?



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