How a Community Garden Used FundRazr for Crowdfunding Success!

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How a Community Garden Used FundRazr for Crowdfunding Success!

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When Greenest City, a Toronto environmental nonprofit, decided they wanted to reclaim a vacant lot and turn it into Milky Way Garden, a space for community agriculture, they knew the most effective online fundraising campaign possible would be crucial to their success.

With a hefty goal of $25,000, they’d need to make it crystal clear to potential donors the impact their donations could have, no matter how large or small. Greenest City ingeniously used FundRazr’s Wishes feature to show that every donation counts – from $10 to plant a square foot of cabbage, to $5,000 for an entire greenhouse!

How Wishes Can Help You Surpass Your Crowdfunding Goals

Wishes are showing the tangible impact of your donation. Rather than just donating a dollar amount, your supporters can see how their donation is helping to purchase an actual product or service.
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By making their donation tangible, you’re gamifying the donation experience and making it fun to pitch in! This strategy is especially helpful when your campaign has a low threshold for donation amounts. It might be difficult for potential donors to believe that $35 will really make a difference – but showing them that $35 can buy your garden a whole row of beets, like Greenest City did, shows them that it can!

Another great way to make the most of Wishes could be by combining them with Perks or Products, other FundRazr features. Both provided to donors as a gesture of thanks, Perks are usually specialty product with a set quantity, like an autographed poster, while Products are sponsor donated inventory in large quantities, like a branded mug or tote bag.

Just think of the possibilities! What about printed t-shirts that show everyone the Wish a donor granted? Or a dog calendar as a thank you for donating to a shelter and saving an animal’s life?

Online Fundraising Worked for Greenest City – It Can Work for You Too!

The end product of Greenest City’s brilliant campaign was a community-run agricultural space that helped immigrant women, mostly from Tibet, transition into their new homes, supporting them as they learned English while working on the garden. Not only did it aid in their fluency, but helped them integrate into their new home as they built strong relationships with each other, as well as the community around them.

What’s more, their crowdfunding campaign gave their donors an amazing story to tell their friends by making the most of FundRazr’s Wishes feature. Just think about it – “I bought a patch of squash” is so much more fun to say than “I donated $315”, and it doesn’t come off as bragging!

Get Started!

So, are you ready to implement Wishes into your nonprofit’s online fundraising campaign? Ready to see for yourself how this feature can engage donors and make their experience fun and memorable?! Get started with FundRazr for nonprofits here!

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