5 inspirational nonprofits

5 Inspirational Nonprofits You Can Learn From

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5 Inspirational Nonprofits You Can Learn From

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There are no limits to the ways nonprofits can chase their fundraising goals. These five organizations have used creativity and ingenuity to raise impressive amounts of donations for a worthy cause or made the most of FundRazr‘s innovative features. Their amazing successes inspire us – and we hope they inspire you, too!

Canadian Spinal Research Organization: Shoot for a Cure 

The Canadian Spinal Research Organization and Johnson&Johnson’s  ‘Shoot for a Cure’ Johnson & Johnson Hockey Tournament found success through a smart combination of sports and corporate sponsorship. CRSO raised funds and awareness for neurotrauma research through a sponsored Hockey tournament. Hockey is both relevant, due to neurological sports injuries, and popular all across Canada! A partnership with Johnson & Johnson, another nationally popular entity, took the campaign to the next level.

Sports are a major creator of community, both locally and nationally. With this campaign, the CRSO was able to tap into this existing community and harness it to another worthy cause. Partnering with a massive, national corporation gave an already well-designed campaign the reach and credibility it needed to become unstoppable.

Inspirational Takeaway:

Think outside the box. Maybe there is a relevant cross-promotion that would take your cause to the next level.

International Animal Rescue

Through an appealingly-designed website, International Animal Rescue uses storytelling to leverage the power of cute. Their website puts the animals front and centre, introducing fun, game-like element by allowing visitors to choose the animal they’d like to support, from Slow Lorises to Dancing Bears. Then, visitors are shown an individual story for each animal, that explains the needs the donations will address using pictures, text, and video. Donations are  perfect for gifting, with Perks like stuffed toys of the chosen animal and an “adoption package” that includes a certificate and photograph assuring that your donation will keep ‘your animal’ safe.

Inspirational Takeaway:

Tell the story of an individual person, project, or animal through beautiful, appealing visuals. Make a short, thirty second documentary  about your cause with a smartphone – it’s cheap, fast and extremely effective.

Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund

Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund has hosted an impressive 2940 Micro Campaigns that together, have raised over $600,000. Rather than creating just one account for all their shelter’s operations, Last Chance creates one small campaign for every single animal they take in. Aiming to rescue animals from being euthanized, they communicate impact and high stakes with phrases like “kill shelter” and close-up photos that allow potential donors to feel emotionally connected to each animal. Rather than feeling like a drop in the bucket, Last Chance Animal Rescue allows every donor to experience saving a life.

Inspirational Takeaway:

Your team doesn’t need to have dozens of people to run thousands of campaigns. With FundRazr, you can run thousands of micro campaigns with your existing staff – it’s fast, easy and a great way to create higher engagement.

Los Anarchists Roller Derby

Los Anarchists is a Los Angeles based nonprofit roller derby league for young girls. On the FundRazr platform, they combined simple perks with fun, stylish branding to surpass their goal of raising $10,000. With roller derby, they aim to foster “competitive spirit, ambitious athleticism, personal empowerment, and generous leadership” among the young women on their team. Their logo is a fun, flaming punk-rock style ‘LA’ design that taps into Los Angeles hometown pride to make buttons, hats and apparel that their donors will want to wear. Girl power!

Inspirational Takeaway:

Turn your fundraising campaign into an engaging, fun activity! Offer perks, such as T-shirts, kits, or tickets in exchange for donations. You can even organize a small e-commerce storefront on your fundraising page.

World Housing Foundation 

The second you arrive on the World Housing Foundation’s website, you are met with facts. WHF uses numbers and statistic to create trust in their organization and communicate the impact of their mission – building safe homes in slums worldwide. The organization takes advantage of FundRazr’s Micro Projects feature to unite their many campaigns, all run by different volunteers, under one banner. High-quality photo and video allows potential donors to connect to the nonprofit’s work and the communities it helps. The result is a powerful story effectively communicated to large numbers of people.

Inspirational Takeaway:

Your campaign is your cause’s most powerful communication tool. Think holistically and make sure your fundraising campaign is on-brand and equipped with strong facts and inspirational messages.

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