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Fundraising for Medical Expenses

FundRazr is the fastest and most effective free medical fundraising website to raise money for medical emergency, equipment, travel and medications.

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Launch a Fundraiser for Medical Bills

Raise money for medical expenses like illness treatment, surgery and accident recovery

Pay for medical bills with help of friends and family

Get assistance covering medical treatment, insurance and extended care

Cover the travel costs when treatment requires travel

Launch a medical fundraising campaign quickly and effortlessly

It is FREE! Our medical fundraising website doesn’t charge anything – 0% platform fee*

It Works!

A pioneer in medical fundraising, our platform helps people raise money since 2009

Medical campaigns got help from community
Raised to cover medical bills and expenses
Contributions received for medical fundraisers

Success Stories


Dollars Raised to Cover Medical Bills and Expenses

How FundRazr helps you organize your fundraising for medical needs

Fast and easy setup

Some medical cases can’t wait! Start raising money right away.

  1. Our 5-step guide to help you navigate in the platform
  2. Accept payments in multiple ways and currencies with high level of security
  3. No goal or deadline requirements

Powerful fundraising page

Tell the world your story with our beautiful campaign page.

  1. Personalize content, images, buttons
  2. Video and photo gallery
  3. Easy social media sharing

Easy for donors

Make it easy for your friends and family to support your cause

  1. User-friendly donation process
  2. Safety of their personal information
  3. Send updates to keep them involved

Social sharing tools

Share your fundraising page with as many people as possible. FundRazr provides you with the tools to make it happen

  1. Built-in social media sharing tools
  2. Built-in email messaging tools
  3. Automatic milestone sharing with your audience

Secure payments

You don’t need to wait days to get your money. Funds are secure and available immediately

  1. Accept donations through Paypal, Stripe, bank payments, credit/debit cards
  2. Accept payments in multiple currencies. See more
  3. See who donated and how much

Coaching and support

We’re here to help you succeed and achieve your fundraising goal

  1. Coaching tips on how to make it successful
  2. Talk to us (we’re all humans!) if you need help
  3. Access our help centre to find answers to your questions immediately

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