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Pet and Animal Fundraiser Made Easy and Free 

FundRazr is a free, fast and secure platform for pet and animal fundraisers. Raise money for your little friend in need.

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Raise money for pet surgery, vet bills, adoption fees, or service animals

Create an animal fundraiser to cover vet bills and pet surgery expenses

Get help with unexpected costs and fees after animal adoption

Raise money for yourself or those who need service animals

Flexible and secure fund collection for pets and animal fundraisers

Easily set up and launch an engaging pet fundraiser campaign in minutes

FREE fundraising for pets and animals. 0% platform fee!

Best platform for pet and animal fundraisers
A pioneer in fundraising for pets, our free platform helps people and their little friends raise money since 2009

Are you an animal shelter, rescue group, or a wildlife nonprofit?

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When we first set up our Fundrazr campaign I did not know what to expect. I read the easy 3 step process and where up in running within 5 min of sharing our story! We reached our initial goal with in 48 hours and is still climbing. This is like a dream come true.” — Laura Gennuso

“It’s a very flexible platform letting you run campaigns how you want. You get paid quickly and have low or no fee options. Makes the most money sense and works well.” — Bredan M.

“I am a true fan of FundRazr because the ease of setting up a fundraiser for such an important event! There are many ways to advertise and reach people that you cannot help but be successful! Thank you for setting this up for all to utilize!” — Kelda D. Harris-Harty

“Easy to use, can post updates, and for us, it was really important to set an “all or nothing” goal. You can do that here which was a big differentiator for us when choosing a platform.” — Nadia S.

Success Stories

Why FundRazr?

How FundRazr effectively helps you raise money for animals and pets

Fast and easy set up

Easily create a pet fundraiser campaign in minutes

  1. Our 5-step guide to help you navigate the platform
  2. Accept multiple payment options and currencies with secured processing
  3. No goal or deadline requirements

Engaging pet fundraising page

Share the story of your pet with our powerful campaign page

  1. Personalize content, images, and buttons
  2. Video and photo gallery
  3. Easy social media sharing

Easy for donors

Make it easy for your family and friends to support your animal fundraiser

  1. User-friendly donation process
  2. Secured data protection
  3. Send updates to keep donors informed

Social sharing tools

FundRazr provides all the tools to easily share your fundraiser with everyone

  1. Built-in social media sharing tools
  2. Built-in email messaging tools
  3. Automatic milestone sharing to your donors

Secure payments

You never need to wait to get your funds, especially if your pet needs urgent help

  1. Accept donations through PayPal, WePay, Stripe, bank payments and credit/debit cards
  2. Accept payments in multiple currencies – see more
  3. See who donated and how much

Coaching and support

Compassionate and responsive success team to help you achieve your fundraising goal

  1. Coaching tips on how to be successful
  2. Talk to us (we’re all animal lovers!) if you need help
  3. Access our Help Centre to find answers immediately

0% platform fee! Raise funds immediately

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