Over The Edge and FundRazr have teamed up
to innovate your fundraising and bring the most
unique adventure experience
Over The Edge is the only global industrial rappelling event company in the world. Over The Edge aids non-profits and their affiliated corporations in hosting safe and unique charity rappelling events.
FundRazr is an enterprise-class crowdfunding platform that helps nonprofits and organizations build authentic community relationships while efficiently raising money online with them.

Why to go over the edge?

1. Your donors are already used to golf, galas, walks and runs. Why not consider an exclusive and signature event event like rappelling?


2. Great cause awareness - our events capture the attention of local and national media. This earned media has resulted in our clients receiving over 380 million exposures in one year


3. The average raised per event is $117,000 and top clients have raised over $600,000 per event


4. Get far greater reach for your event with advanced social sharing capabilities and impact communication toolsets


5. Easy and fast setup of state-of-art, mobile optimized pages for you and your fundraisers


6. In-app coaching and support teams will help fundraisers/ edgers/participants

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