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    “When we first set up our FundRazr campaign I did not know what to expect, I read the easy 3 step process and we were up in running within 5 min of sharing our story.

    We posted it to share with our friends on Facebook and it spread faster than I would ever have imagined. We reached our initial goal within 48 hours and it is still climbing. This is like a dream come true. We now have the resources to do all the things we need to make our son's life worthwhile again!
    Thanks FundRazr for all your support.”

    Laura Gennuso, raised $99,500 for healthcare
    We’ve raised over $200,000 with FundRazr!

    “We use FundRazr to raise money for people who have Corgis and Corgi mixes that have high cost veterinary needs but can’t afford them.

    Money raised through FundRazr for these Corgis has helped everything from cancer to bladder stones to hernias to parvo. Since the beginning of 2013 we have raised over $200,000 with the help of FundRazr for our clients!”

    Paige Davis from CorgiPals raised over $200,000
    to save corgis

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