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For seven (7) very long years, I've searched for another place to work after my ex employer, a federal contractor who's work in the war industry is very well known, has prevented me from working again for political purposes, putting me on welfare.


Hi, my name is KC and I very much need your financial help. I am a liberal, progressive, activist, live and let live, 52 year old, single gay man living in Los Angeles for 16 years. I have not had a earned income in 5 years, please read on.  

I just filed for Social Security disability and for CA state disability insurance. I need help to pay for living expenses until my disability payments start to kick in. I have paid into SS system since I was 18, I am a US citizen. 

My immediate need is $6,000, in case i need to store my things, I have nothing left in savings and I am hoping to avoid giving up my 1 bedroom LA apt, my car would be very uncomfortable as its only a two door, its going take a few months for SSA and my doctor appointments to get thru.  

Although none of my very annoying medical illnesses are "life threatening" at the moment, I have lived with years of tremendous stress in many workplaces due to others perception or disapproval of LGBTQ workplace equality.

Like many of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters that suffer from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or have faced discrimination in the workplace, I too have had my share and continue to fight for our right to exist, especially now, under the "new conservative government" 

Part of my decision to "stop working" now, not with standing lack of advancement and constant workplace discrimination from those that "dont approve" of my life, was the very cruel, obvious hate crime and murderous retaliatory attack on our LGBTQ community, Pulse Nightclub, Orlando FL.

Our fight for equality started in a bar, Stonewall, if you are not gay, especially men, the DJ's and our "dancefloor" hold a special safe space for us. Like many LGBTQ and our allies, I cried for a week. Combine this, my current genetic health conditions and what I have already experienced in my work life, post traumatic stress is setting in.    

My current career of 23 years has been in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and however "in demand" this field may seem or falsely claim, STEM still has a homophobic problem, so it seems, especially among management.  

For almost 10 years, I was an official "Hughes (Howard) federal contractor", under a collective agreement (that built the 'spruce goose') in connection with Labor Department Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, equal opportunity presidential executive order 11246 and its defense contract enforcer Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.222.26.

I held a top secret DoD security clearance for at least 7 years and worked on some of the most sophisticated and secretive military equipment tax payers could buy. Since I am not a US veteran, after 9/11, my contribution was to work in defense contracting and its manufacturing base.  

Hughes Aircraft Company was bought by Raytheon from General Motors, then known for the invention of the microwave and household appliances, for $9.5 Billion in 1997. Two tales of two very different companies. Hughes, a southern California based, laid back, Democratic, pro-union, liberal operation and Raytheon, a northern Texas based, conservative, religious, Republican, anti-union, uptight operation.

Raytheon wasn't always this bad, they only turned on me when the extreme right wing infiltrated the company, 2008, to attempt to block Obama from being elected president and that years election had the very evil, anti marriage equality, CA Prop 8 on the ballot. In defense contracting, budgets, members of congress are involved. 

Before 2008, I was part of Raytheons success at achieving 100% score on Human Rights Campaign Corp Equality Index, the first aerospace company to do so. I helped create the local area LGBT aerospace picnic, attended with the company, LGBT workplace conferences thru its employee resource group and raised money for HIV AIDS including AidsWalk LA. I also bargained with the collective to add sexual orientation to the 2005 contract non discrimination clause before any knowledge of the existence of executive order 11246, that of course came post employment.  

Now for the very bad things. Why they turned, attacked me can only be explained by them. Instead of detailing every single crime this Texas, conservative management did to me, which there is plenty. I will just list their crimes to give you a better idea how bad they really were, with no accountability, no fines, no lawsuits, no loss of taxpayer contracts and why I am now on welfare, when I should not be. Although, nepotism, favoritism are not technically "illegal", at Raytheon these were rampant.  

1) Extortion, attempted blackmail, sexual harassment thru a process now called "catfish";  2) Coercion, intimidation, forced to "look the other way" when customer required tests are bypassed; 3) Character, career defamation, told my co-workers I was "unqualified"; 4) Collusion with "union leaders" to deny my grievances, refusing to arbitrate per contract; 5) Collusion with insurance company and workman's comp fraud to deny my claim;

6) Falsified, conjured up a fake "disciplinary action" in order to circumvent my workman's comp for stress, an insurance premium hike and an OSHA record-able against management; 7) Relentlessly harassed me after filing first ever grievance; 8) Retaliated with the conjured up, fake "disciplinary action" for filing a second grievance; 9) After state and EEOC complaints failed for discrimination, severe extreme harassment, retaliation continued and hostile management behavior caused me to force quit, resign;

10) Post employment, management retaliating again, subtly giving away private medical information "warning" others of workman's comp and stress conditions; 11) Post employment, retaliation suspected after I agreed to testify on behalf of a fellow contractor for his own discrimination complaint after I was forced out; 12) Post employment, suspected retaliation after filing DoD Inspector General whistle blower complaint for Raytheon not in compliance with executive order 11246 and my collective agreement, a clear breach of written contract, a 4 year statute 

I was the person who found FAR 52.222.26 with the presidential executive order 11246 in it and sent it to president Obama Jan 2013, six months after my last payroll check, asking him to close the LGBT loophole. The FAR(s) are contractual agreements between the government and the contractor. The FAR's are what the government uses to enforce contractors agreements or they face sanctions, fines 

I knew then that Raytheon, lied and covered up the executive order for political and religious purposes. The executive order has a "religious exemption" in it, last amended by their Texas based president GW Bush in 2002, its confirmed in the FAR.

This known executive order, by the republican party, was not part of my collective agreement when it should have been per 11246 itself. The state of CA is one of only 21 current states that protect its LGBTQ citizens in employment, this federal executive order was in direct conflict with CA state law but no one seems to understand this therefore, difficult to defend in court with legal counsel. 

Sept 2016, after every horrible thing Raytheon has put me thru, I decided to attempt to take back my positive karma that I once had, before they stole it. I walked in the front lobby of their business, where I walked past for almost 10 years and returned every paper "award" I received. Not only paper, but a 5 year anniversary plague and shirts I wore at a 2004 LGBT conference. My employment with them was based on this lie and political cover up. I was "threatened" with trespassing if I returned.         

The title of my story "war is hell", means not just the bomb, bullets and missiles, but an obvious social, spiritual war has been brewing for quite some time now. I feel as though I am caught in the middle of this war. My person, career and property have been attacked several times since coming out 27 years ago, but i persevere.  

The greatest single achievement, in my entire life so far has been finding executive order 11246 and bringing it out of the republican hidden shadow, exposing the religious right wing agenda to abuse their faith, the first amendment, "religious liberty" in order to impose their will upon others who dont agree with any oppressive religious dogma. My achievement is now part of my resume.

I am a firm believer of separation of church and state, as constitutionally intended, you are free to practice whatever religion or no religion you want, as long as you dont willfully hurt anyone with it. I see an awful lot of willful anti LGBTQ "laws" attempting to be passed by the new theocratic controlled US government.  

Speaking of president Obama..I miss his leadership. I received an acknowledgement letter from him Los Angeles gay pride weekend June 2013, six months after I wrote, thanking me for writing. I never got a chance to thank him personally for amending 11246 which added sexual orientation and gender identity. For my greatest achievement in our civil rights advancements, my "reward" so far, silenced, welfare

If you are here, you got through my story! I hope you decide to donate to my cause. Even if you are "the other side" of the political spectrum who may believe that workplace fairness for all is an inalienable right. You can donate anonymously.

For what I have accomplished, I dont deserve to be, or want to be, on welfare. I was "put here". After forced quit, I received state unemployment benefits and then federal extension. Of course we all know now, it was the republican, congressional party who stopped that life line for millions of people like me. I had a great 401k retirement savings but had to use it to live on like many people are forced to do. Ive never had a real home in my life, single and apartment dweller, nothing to itemize.  

If one day, a person with integrity decides they want to hire me, fine, I may take them up on the offer but just so we are clear, I will not be treated like I am a criminal for being LGBTQ, nor second class nor will I put myself into any workplace situation that results in discrimination, again, I just dont have the strength or energy to continue "fighting" the work front, from the work front.

I maybe more effective doing something totally different than the lifetime career I already have and made for myself. Seven (7) years is a very long "job search" with no results. I am actually in need of a real vacation but I suppose I 'sacrificed' this career and all my savings for civil rights, something I feel passion for.    


Congress NEEDS to pass the Equality Act !


Thanks for reading and your understanding of my situation, now donate!   





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