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Hello. My name is Johanna. I am the informed mommy to this beautiful, bright, affectionate, silly, sweet, fun loving, happy, well adjusted 27th month old boy, A (whose full name I will with hold for privacy reasons). When A was born, he was only vaccinated with the Vitamin K shot before having an immediate adverse reaction that put him in the NICU for 4 days following birth. A now has gastrointestinal issues, and has since been diagnosed with Atopic disease, and currently has food intolerances that severely limit his diet. 


As a single income parent, who over the last 2 years has carried 100% of the financial and physical responsibility for my son, I am now fighting for not only my parental and religious rights to keep my son unvaccinated. I am also fighting for his right to not be forcefully inoculated by the state, and for his right to a healthy body, mind, and future. And perhaps more or equally important, for the right to keep my son in the loving care of his mother. Due to my not being able to afford legal representation that is well versed in both my federal and state rights for religious exemption, having my son taken away from me over this is an incredibly upsetting, frightening, and very real, possibility. And I am desperate for help.


The financial goal I have set is to pay for our legal expenses to retain a family lawyer in my fight for my right to not only keep my son in my care, but also fight to retain my legal right to keep him unvaccinated in the present custody battle with his father's family. Having been to court for this only once, our legal expenses are already over $2000, and the battle has just begun. Part of my present financial goal will also go towards hiring a vaccine rights legal consultant who will inform and assist our family lawyer in specific federal and state laws protecting our right to informed consent against the state of Massachusetts. 


I have never been good at asking people for help, but I am now in the fight for my life, which is my beautiful son, A. And for his life and well being as well. If you can help in any way, big or small, you will not only help one less child in this world from being forcefully vaccinated, but you will be helping to keep my son in the care of his loving mommy, not that of the state. I deeply and whole heartedly thank you for your contribution. Prayers and good vibes are equally appreciated. 



Johanna L.


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