Join us in developing and launching our first sonic-based experience!
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Join us in launching our first experience, The Chant of Saints.

Chant of Saints is an immersive sound sensory experience and installation.
Inspired by and akin to the Japanese Karesansui, gardens of meticulously composed arrangements of earth, stones, lichen, sculptured trees, shaped shrubbery, and various water features.

It’s a carefully curated sonic collage that marries a myriad of musical traditions, both sacred and secular. The installation offers its guests a secular experience that serves as a reflection and meditation on the universal human aspiration to reach beyond ourselves in our attempt to connect with the divine.

Your contribution will go directly toward the below costs included in developing and launching The Chant of Saints.

  • Artist Commission, Sound Engineering, Licensing Fees
  • Research and Development
  • Production, Audio, Lighting, Technology
  • Location and Construction
  • Marketing

We hope you will support us at this crucial phase in our development.


Thank you,

Jeff & Donald


We are avid music lovers who believe in the boundless power of music. Our mutual love of music and appreciation for the arts has led us to reimagine an institution that reveals how the world is musically related.  



United Music Experience is a living institution. Our programming traces the global strands of our musical DNA, tuning us into the stories that compose the primordial soundtracks to our lives. We are a new kind of institution -- that shifts and expands with its visitors to include and reflect every person -- an institution that depends on, and therefore belongs to, the public.



Over the next 2-3 years UME will launch a series of interactive, sonic-based experiences that embody and reflect a vision of humanity through the prism of music. We will commission this series around our core mission and programming metrics as a way to show how the world is musically related.


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