Debi from Two Feet on the Ground is helping to feed the people of Sosua (CND)
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A vacation to the Dominican Republic in 2013 ended up changing Debi Beckley's life forever.  In 2015 she moved from Canada to Sosua.  


When COVID-19 hit the Dominican Republic in March she immediately started helping the locals in any way possible.  She reached out to friends and family in Canada and the US.  Ever since March 19, she and her team have delivered food to the hungry, only missing one day when no donations were sent.  It's wonderful to see photos of the children, the elderly and so many hungry being fed.  

Debi has a background in nursing and Reiki.  Not only has she helped with food but has taught hygiene and social distancing. 

Since March 25, Debi has done a daily post acknowledging the donations for the day and updating the donors with photos.  

She has recruited some local volunteers to help her.  They go out with her every day. Here is Tony and Juan Carlos.  

They shop in the little local markets (Colmados) to support the small business there. It started with one Colmado and now it has expanded to up to 7 depending on the donations for the day.  

Some days the team buys ingredients and pay the locals to make hot meals that they deliver.  This is a unique and wonderful service.  

They also support the local food trucks, thus not only feeding the people but helping others to keep their jobs sometimes buying whole truckloads like below.  


One day Tony came upon a lady caring for 9 orphan children.  They were able to give them money for food and include them in their regular donations.  

The "Two Feet on the Ground" team depends on daily donations from Canada and United States to continue through this time of crisis to feed the hungry.  They are doing amazing work.  It is especially gratifying to see the hungry children being fed.  

Dominican Starfish Foundation has also been helping to feed the hungry during the Covid crisis.  We have seen the outstanding work that Debi and her helpers have done and we are partnering to help promote the "Two Feet on the Ground" project in Sosua in the Dominican Republic.  We have a registered charity in Canada and the US (Pal Humanitarian).  Charitable tax receipts will be issued.  


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