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The Pack Project Inc. is an innovative non-profit organization  based in Regina, Saskatchewan. We are entirely operated by highly dedicated and passionate volunteers brought together for the goal of 'Uniting Hearts & Paws'.

All funds raised will be used to support our four programs.

To improve the lives of people and companion animals in our communities.

To work with the community by offering engaging, respectful and collaborative programs and services that promote the welfare of companion animals and improve the lives of individuals through increased interaction with dogs.

What We Do
To support our mission, The Pack Project operates four key programs:
  • Rescue: We operate a non-breed specific dog rescue for stray, abandoned, abused and surrendered dogs. We are reliant on a network of compassionate volunteer foster guardians who open their homes to provide an environment where the dog can receive proper nutrition, behaviour training, veterinary care and love until the right adoptive home is found.
  • Education: We are committed to advancing humane education for youth by delivering presentations, sessions and workshops that focus on dog bite prevention, preparation for having a dog as a pet and compassionate and respectful care and handling of dogs.
  • Outreach: We are passionate about supporting the work of other charities and non-profit groups that focus on animal welfare initiatives through respectful partnerships and cooperation. We operate a donation center to acquire pet related items such as pet food, leashes, collars, kennels, medical supplies and other necessities for distribution to other animal welfare groups. We also network, share knowledge and assist with transportation for the benefit of animals in need.
  • Therapy:    We are dedicated to improving health and enhancing the quality of life by offering the public greater interactions with dogs. These positive interactions may provide comfort, relieve stress, distract from pain, depression & isolation and produce many smiles! We anticipate the launch of this program by December 2018. 

Charity Championship

Presented by Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw

Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw are passionate about giving back to the communities in which they operate. By hosting the Charity Championships, the casinos are supporting numerous charities and non-profits through financial donations, and bringing people together for fun and fundraising with the aim to build a better community for our friends, family and future.

Here's What our Team is Doing

We are competing against other charity crusaders to be the champions of our charity!

On September 21, 2018, we will be participating in a fun and thrilling competition hosted by Bloodhound Games. The event will feature scavenger hunts, puzzles and fun team challenges.

The Game

The Game itself is approximately 2 hours in length and will take us (on foot) to various locations within the downtown area. The Game involves a series of team challenges, including problem solving, puzzles, and gathering of items in a specified time frame. Teams are awarded points based on the manner and time in which each challenge is completed. At the end of the hunt, points are tallied (including any point multipliers, see next section), and results are announced and all winners receive prizes!

We Need Your Help!

Here’s where the help of our friends comes in! The more money we raise, the more advantages we will receive in the Game. And in this case, it is a point-based multiplier and is determined on the amount of funds raised on our FundRazr page. See table below.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Upon completion of the Game, team points will be tallied and the corresponding point multiplier will be applied.  A social will take place at 5 p.m. at the Casino Regina Show Lounge. Here you can join us for music, drinks and free appetizers while we await our results!


There are 3 types of prizing that our team can win:

  1. Competition Prizes: These prizes will go to the top 5 teams that accumulated the most points (including the points multiplier) and will be given to the team’s charity of choice.
  2. Fundraising Prizes: These prizes will go to the top 2 teams who raised the most money through their FundRazr team page and will be given to the team’s charity of choice.
  3. Bonus Prizes: These cash prizes will be awarded to the teams with the best FundRazr video and best team costume. These cash prizes will go directly to the team themselves.
    1. Best FundRazr Profile Video - $500: This cash prize goes to the team that had the most creative and capturing video on their FundRazr page, as voted by the Charity Championship Organizing Committee. 
    2. Best Team Costume and Spirit - $500: This cash prize goes to the team with the best attitude, costumes, and sportsmanship, as voted by the Casino Regina volunteers.

See prize table below.

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