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Who We Are 

A nonprofit, building sustainable playgrounds.  

Who is it for

Kids in refugee camps, underdeveloped and hard to reach communities. 

Why we do it

We honour and value the creative side of e very child. 

At our core

Transparency: 100% of the funds raised will go towards our mission.

What is the Problem

Millions of children don’t have the opportunity to develop-learn & grow because they lack access to a play area.

What will  The Power of Play do:

Create memorable childhood for kids

Promote creativity and nourish the sense of wonder

Support social and physical development

How we do it

We build sustainable playgrounds by partnering with local communities. 

Design comes from imaginative children and we turn local and raw materials into play elements. 

Additionally The Power of Play 

Impacts economy by hiring local labours and skilled workers

Introducing new skills to the locals

Empower communities as they become part of this transformation

Our Request

Help us to transform the experience of a childhood for 1,000+ children in Iran 

Thank YOU!

IG: @thepower.ofplay

FB: @buildingplaygrounds 


The Power of Play Team 

Since 2017, personally funded and constructed 14 playgrounds in Uganda and India

Given 7,580 children the ability to play, develop, and lead the way.






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