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The Folly... out of the dust... an imposing clock tower looms high above a public square densely packed with passageways, chambers, and puzzles for you to explore and conquer... performances unfold around you while a windmill overhead spins lazily in the breeze... welcome... you've found The Folly...

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What We're Building

The Folly of Man has been described as the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense. It is said that if a person commits no follies, they lose their wits through weariness.

In architecture, a folly is a building constructed primarily for decoration, but suggesting through its appearance some other purpose, or of such extravagant appearance that it transcends the range of garden ornaments usually associated with the class of buildings to which it belongs. The Folly of Burning Man will be an epic piece of art with the atmosphere of an unruly village. The Folly will provide shelter, fun, and perspective to the residents of Black Rock City.

The Folly’s layers and levels inspire a challenging, dynamic environment. Climbable surfaces, ladders, tunnels, and suspension bridges; secret doors, puzzles, and outright misdirection will challenge wits. Ultimately, lofty observation decks will reward the bravest and most tenacious with mind-altering views. The stage will feature theatrics, ballet, spoken word, music, circus arts, and burlesque performances, both planned and spontaneous; brought to you directly from the minds and souls of Black Rock City’s most curious citizens.

The Folly Burning Man 2019 Black Rock City

Who We Are

The man building this Folly is Dave Keane, along with his motley crew of Folly Builders. Mr. Keane has been a lead carpenter and volunteer on some of the largest builds featured in Black Rock City. The Folly is the culmination of these experiences and collaborations, and will include a plethora of people he has worked with along the way.

The Folly Builders are as multifaceted as they are talented. The team is comprised of the planning, logistics, design, fabrication, and engineering experts who’ve lent their minds and hands to build some of your most favorite Burning Man art pieces: the Black Rock Lighthouse Service (2016), Temple Galaxia (2018), Temple 2017, Temple of Promise (2015), Temple of Whollyness (2013), Temple of Flux (2010), Dreamland (2015), Totem of Confessions (2015), Photo Chapel (2013), Bottlecap Gazebo (2012), Otic Oasis II/Man Base Pistil (2012), Xylophage (2013), and the Vulvatron art car (2014), among many others.

Black Rock Lighthouse Service Totem of Confessions Burning Man Black Rock City

Temple Galaxia 2018 Burning Man Black Rock City

Why We Need YOUR Help

The Folly has been recognized and rewarded with a generous grant from Burning Man’s Black Rock City Honoraria Program, which should cover almost a third of our budget. And while the majority of The Folly materials are recycled and refurbished, there are still many expenses that we'll need to cover from trucking to fire effects. We've been  salvaging wood from old Victorian homes in San Francisco and shipyards across the Bay, capturing the stories and souls of the trees and buildings from whence they came, and this salvaging process has become an integral part of the journey.

But there are still many costs to this project: structural wood to keep every visitor safe, trucking to get the piece from our shop in West Oakland to Black Rock City, propane for the fire poofers, and many many more. To ensure this audacious and amazing structure is safe, delivered on time, and properly built we ask for your support to help raise the remaining funds needed to bring The Folly to Burning Man 2019.


Thank you for your support and see you in the dust!

❤️ Dave Keane and The Folly Builders

The Folly Burning Man 2019 Black Rock City Please help us bring The Folly to the playa by making your donation today!

Join the adventure: like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, check out our Website, and join our Mailing List

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Excited about The Folly? Please share our fundraiser with your friends and loved ones!


Donation Info

If you’re interested in making a larger donation outside of the crowdfunding platform, please email us directly at

The Folly is fiscally sponsored by the FLUX Foundation,  a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging people in designing and building large-scale public art. If you would like a tax-deductible receipt for your donation, please email us at


Thank you to our amazing video team!

Editor: Renata Foucré

Graphics: Go Bucci |

Rendering: Chris Lander

Footage: John Behrens |

Mark Day |

Jamen Percy |

Phantom Aerial Productions |

Philippe Meicler |

Music: “Johnny Doop Dop Swing” by Yodelling Sheep |

Thank you: Courtney King, Vitaly Winter

The Folly Burning Man 2019 Black Rock City


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