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Dear friends,

My name is Anatoly. I am from the Republic of Moldova. I would like to share my story over the past year and a half. In the year 2017, happiness came to our family, I got married, my sister got married too, then my wife and I had a son. My sister and her husband moved to the United Kingdom for permanent residence.

It would seem that everything was fine, everything was getting better, a new step in a new life, something completely new, and how grate was to give a new life. But in November 2017, the misfortune came to our family, two cancerous tumors in the head were found at my mother, and a completely different story began.

It was decided to excise the tumors surgically. The date of the operation was set. Analyses, radiological examination and fluorography before the operation, revealed a spot in a lung. The additional analyses detected a cancerous tumor in the left lung.

The commission of doctors decided to conduct an operation on the head, and after that to remove completely the left lung, and take a histological analysis. Within one month both operations were successfully performed.

Histological analysis showed the nidus of cancer in the lung. Next, we had to conduct PET - CT (positron emission tomography), this is a computer tomography for detecting tumors in the whole body. And it was also necessary to complete 5 courses of chemotherapy.

The decision was to conduct all the examinations at the Neolife Oncological Clinic in Istanbul (Turkey). In January 2018, we went to the clinic. We took the analyses, underwent examination and PET scanning. The result was disappointing.

A stain was found above a kidney and in a bone, and a small tumor in the head. The commission of doctors prescribed six courses of chemotherapy, injections against bone destruction, and a course of radiotherapy. Every three months, an MRI scanning of the head was conducted.

At the end of chemotherapy courses, again in Istanbul a PET scan was made. All the chemotherapy courses were purchased at the Neolife Clinic, and were dripped in Chisinau at the Oncological Clinic.

On the 27 of February, 2018, my dad fell down and broke his leg in the femoral neck area, an urgent operation was performed, 3 screws for bone fusion were installed, the healing time was on average from 4 to 8 months. Here begins a new stage, but we will not go deeply into it and move directly to June 2018.

We finished the course of chemotherapy with my mom and the regular examination of the leg with my dad. We decided to fly first to Istanbul, and then, upon arrival, to examine the father. On the arrival 

in Istanbul, another PET scanning was made, the results of which were quite consolatory.

The stain over the kidney disappeared, one remained only in the bone, but we continued to drip the injections, which was against the destruction of bones. The commission of doctors proposed 4 courses of sustaining chemotherapy to fix the results and the next examination at the end of the courses.

It was like a light at the end of the tunnel. Was that really the end of that difficult period of life? We purchased chemotherapy courses and went to Chisinau with good news.

Upon the arrival we went for an examination with dad, underwent a radiological examination. Radiological examination showed that there was no coalescence of the femoral neck, and it is necessary to put a femoral prosthesis, in 2 months after the installing the prosthesis, one can safely walk and live a full life.

After choosing the prosthesis and the surgeon to conduct the operation, the day of the operation was appointed. The operation was successful. In general, everything began to get better, the difficult period of life slowly began to move away from us.

After the finishing of the courses of supporting chemotherapy, on 04.11.2018, my mother and I went to Istanbul for another examination, full of confidence and hope that everything would be fine. On 05.11.2018 mom underwent another PET scanning which again made us unhappy.

The result showed that another tumor appeared in the head next to the place where the last two were removed, a tumor appeared again above the kidney and the spot on the bone increased, in the lymph nodes where there was the left lung, small trace of possible metastasis was found. It was like a blow.

Now we have done another analysis for pathology to select the next chemotherapy courses, and we are also waiting for the results of a consultation of doctors who must decide whether it is possible to apply radio emission to remove the tumor from the head. We have gained strength and are trying to overcome this disease.

With all my heart I want to thank all the relatives, friends and those who did not remain indifferent to our situation, for their support, for their moral and material assistance.

Now we are in a difficult situation, because all our accumulated funds have long ended, all that was possible to sell is already sold, all where it was possible to lend out is already borrowed and the terms of debt recovery are coming around, and now we have no means to continue treatment and to return the debts. Debts, which are totaled in the amount of $ 39000. And the preliminary sum for the continuation of the treatment has not designated yet. For this reason, I indicate the amount of the debt. 

I believe that There must be some kind folks in the world still, and I ask to help all who can. I have always been of the opinion that $ 5-10 for many people is not a significant sum, but can help someone to save lives. Whenever it was possible, on some fundraising portals, I always tried to help people. I sent it and immediately forgot it, but I was sure that for the person to whom I sent money it was definitely more necessary. Now I am in that situation that I myself need financial help and I really hope that this time people will be able to help me too. Thank you all.

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