Story update September 16, 2013
Some of you want to make sure this is a legitimate fund for the Ohayon family which is perfectly understandable. I'm Orly's first cousin, her father was my mother's, (Raymonde Ohayon Higgins), brother. The fund will be managed by myself, one of Orly's siblilngs when they arrive next week, and probably another non-family member. It will be used ONLY to pay for the direct expenses for the family related to this accident plus their day to day expenses like the mortgage on the house, etc. All of the money will be transferred to a memorial fund bank account that will be set up hopefully today. If you would prefer to deposit your donation directly into that bank account, I can post that info once I receive it. Thanks again for your support. I am on my way to see Orly now and will share with her the generosity of the Friends of Orly.

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On September 13, 2013, Yom Kippur night, Esther Ohayon, age 57, and her 16 year old daughter Orly Ohayon were hit by a car while walking to synagogue. Esther, Z"L , was killed instantly and Orly was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Esther ...