Story update October 20, 2013
okay ya'll, we've got a conference date set with the court in November.
For those of you not up on the legal process, the conference happens in the court with the judge, lasts about 1/2 hour and establishes the ground rules for the trial set for March of 2014.
We've got the initial disclosures from the city which reveal nothing new. They have six potential witnesses. We have at least 25.
They are still sticking with their story that signatures will denied legitimately. Of course they did not admit to simple human error being a factor in why some signatures were disallowed.
We could use your coffee money for our legal fund!
Remember, we are not asking for any money from the city. This is about administrative overreach, voter's rights, and exposing the flaws in the statute governing municipal referendums and initiatives.
It's not over yet! If you believe in the cause, please consider a small contribution! Every amount counts.

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