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Can you imagine what your life would be like had you not grown up with a roof over your head and a door that locks? How about living in constant fear of being evicted or having your home destroyed by a storm? It’s hard to picture not having access to the safety and security that a home provides, but unfortunately for over 1 billion around the world this continues to be their reality. 


People living in slums spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy securing access to basic needs (clean water, food and shelter). Despite working long hours, people in absolute poverty earn around $2 USD a day, a level of income that makes it impossible to save for the future.


Living with dirt floors, plastic sheeting walls and corrugated metal roofs, slum dwellers survive by the limited means available. These unsafe shelters are susceptible to disease, sickness and extreme temperatures. Life without a lockable door makes it impossible to provide security or collect the resources needed to escape from poverty. It’s difficult to comprehend the daily challenges that face slum residents around the world – and even more overwhelming to begin to think of a practical solution.


World Housing provides homes to families living in slums in the developing world, fostering communities where people can thrive with safety, security and access to the resources that change lives. When we build homes, we build communities – and incredible things start to happen.


There are a lot of charities out there. Why choose World Housing?

  1. Since 2013 we’ve built 605 homes, transforming the lives of 3,003 people in six countries around the world.
  2. 100% of every public donation goes towards building homes and transforming the lives of families.
  3. We use technology to scale our impact. Starting in 2019, we will build homes using 3D printing technology in collaboration with our building partners, New Story Charity. This will allow for complete construction of a home in just 48 hours for $6,500 CAD.
  4. We prove our impact using GPS coordinates, family move-in videos and community building updates, so you know exactly where your donations are going.
  5. We partner with local organizations who use their existing relationships within the communities and governments to streamline the home building process. This allows us to focus 100% of all funds on home building.
  6. Participatory design is at the heart of what we do. We are hyper-focused on constantly improving our designs based on the needs of the communities we serve. No two communities we build are identical, and our home designs are in a constant state of improvement.

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100% of the funds we raise through the ‘Home for The Holidays’ campaign will be used to construct the world’s first 3D printed home community! This revolutionary technology has been developed by World Housing’s building partner,  New Story Charity  and will break ground in El Salvador in 2019.

This holiday season we can all give the gift of hope.  Please join us to help gift homes to families who are living in absolute poverty, on less than $2 a day. We believe that everyone deserves a chance for a better future, and it all starts with a home. It doesn’t take a lot from anyone… if we all come together we can transform lives forever. By partnering with like-minded organizations we can reach our goal of building ten homes this holiday season. To explore our complete list of incredible partners click the Fundraisers tab just below the tweet button. 



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100% of the funds we raise through the ‘Home for The Holidays’ campaign will be used to construct the world’s first 3D printed home community! This revolutionary technology has been developed by World Housing’s building partner, New Story Charity and will break ground in El Salvador in 2019.




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