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Operation: Ruck It 2019 - 22K Veteran Suicide Awareness March
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It’s FINALLY time to build your teams, raise some funds and RUCK the Jersey shore! We are so excited to launch Operation: Ruck iT 2019!! There are only a few slight changes this year, but in reference to location, route, rest stops, and FUN… it’s all the SAME. But let’s start fresh for all our new RUCKERS to get in on all the fun. It’s a LONG read, but it’s chock-full of knowledge needed to RUCK iT!



The History

Operation: Ruck iT is a 22-kilometer (13.6 miles) ruck-style walk along the Jersey Shore to raise awareness of the 22 daily veteran suicide epidemic as well as raise funds for veteran non-profit  Operation Restored Warrior (ORW) . The Ruck is not an endurance race, but many are encouraged to wear 22lb packs to signify the number of veterans lost a day. It is NOT required to wear a weighted pack, but we do advise you wear comfortable attire/shoes and a hydration system (Camelbak). We are not like the other ruck marches you read about. If you want to walk half, so be it. If you want to take the first and last mile with us, let’s go! This is a FUNdraiser not a race. EVERYONE who crosses the finish line will also receive a Ruck iT 2019 Finisher Patch. Our two previous Ruck iT events have raised considerable amounts of funds to support or local heroes, that’s the mission. This is a slow pace march with water points every 2-2.5 miles and a 30 minute rest stop at mile 5 and mile 10. We also have a generous staff of medical personnel and support vehicles to ensure you are not left behind. Bicycles, strollers, wagons, and roller blades have all made an appearance too. 



Funds Raised Donated to:

Proceeds from the Operation: Ruck iT campaign will be donated to Operation Restored Warrior (ORW). ORW is a free 5-day faith based organization restoring the hearts of our veterans in Lake Tahoe, CA and Eagle, CO. Since 2008 ORW has successfully restored the hearts of over 1100 of our nation’s heroes. We are always proud to share that ORW reports 3.4% To overhead, which goes to say 96% of every dollar goes directly to their program to rescue, rebuild, and restore our veterans past and present. Your contribution through our Operation Ruck It 2019 event will directly help veterans have their hearts restored through programs such as Operation Restored Warrior and more!



Ma Deuce WHO? 

It was through ORW, Marine veterans John Cohen and Dennis Addesso decided to start their own organization to make successful PTSD recovery programs known. Together, with Marine and ORW Alumni, Tom Kiselow, we founded Ma Deuce Deuce (Ma22) . The name, derived from the M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, or “Ma Deuce”, combined with the scariest number in America, “22”. This is the number of veteran suicides in America daily. As we were less a fan of the “take these and call us in 6 months” diagnosis, we set out to find other organizations that provided an outlet to unload post traumatic stress. We quickly became a hub to connect veterans with restorative resources at no cost to them. Our common objective is to help restore the hearts of veterans facing depression, anxiety, stress and isolation, suicidal thoughts and trauma from post-traumatic stress disorder. We have since expanded our welcoming ORW Alumni Army Veterans Don Redondo, George Galesky and Marine Veteran Daniel Sheehan, as well as a #Vetwife (board secretary) Catherine Galioto-Galesky. MA22 is now three years strong with a team of several other veterans/ civilians alike, we continue to serve the brotherhood we hold so dear. 


In short, we provide a “Get out of the house” service. Some of our local initiatives include taking veterans to Lakewood BlueClaws minor league baseball games to prevent isolation and to provide a recreational setting to lead the conversation toward how we can further help. Other outlets include fishing, kayaking, SCUBA, horseback riding, hunting, exotic car rides, helicopter/small aircraft rides, we held an event with former WWE Superstar Diamond Dallas Page doing DDPY! We teamed up local kickboxing fitness gym 9Round in Brick, NJ, who were also a Ruck iT 2018 sponsor, participant and donated months upon months of free memberships to their gym for veterans and their families. We have assisted in helping vets with utility bills, repairs to their vehicles, and even with ensuring Christmas happened for (6) local families.



The NOW!

Last year we were blessed to raise over $53,000… minus a beard and a shaved head. This year we have set our goals… higher. Through Operation: Ruck iT on September iT 2019, participants will be directly contributing to our organization to achieve its mission and obtain their goal in raising $100,000. TOGETHER.. WE CAN DO THIS! (Dennis WILL shave off his coveted beard again at this goal… so get raisin’ fund!


Please consider joining us on September 21, 2019 and RUCK THE JERSEY SHORE! All ruckers will arrive 7am at the Brick VFW Post on Adamston Road, heading onto the barrier island through the beautiful towns of Bay Head, Mantoloking, Chadwick Beach and the northern beaches of Brick and Toms River before heading to the finish line party back at the Brick VFW! This after party will be free to all registered Ruckers. Those who wish to attend and are not an event volunteer, will purchase an event wristband at the gate or through MA22 personnel prior to the event. (Those details will be shared on our Facebook page as well as on Fundrazr closer to the event). 



Registration and Fundraising

Registered Ruckers have a $22 minimum registration. Once registered, all participants will have opportunities to have donations made in their name through Fundrazr. Those who raise a minimum of $50 will receive their commemorative t-shirt, FREE, the day of the event. Also, any participant reaching $250, will receive a SPECIAL EDITION not available anywhere #Ruckin’Tough Hoodie. This design will be shared soon. Please note, offline contributions can be added to individual totals only after the funds are sent and received by MA22 prior to the event. Any offline contributions need to have the participants name and Ruck iT in the memo. Please contact for more details referring to offline contributions. 



Commemorative Shirts 

Anyone who would like to purchase the official commemorative Operation: Ruck iT T-shirts, V-necks, and event hoodies (same design as event shirt) can pre-order NOW via Ma22: Ruck iT Store . You do not have to be a participant to buy any of the items on our Ruck iT store and it will ship nationwide. However, if you plan on participating and purchase your shirt, it will be ready for pick-up at Farro’s Tees in Toms River on or around September 16th. If you chose to have it shipped, it will arrive sometime after (hopefully before the event if you are attending). Please ensure you have picked up your Ruck iT items by the morning of the event. If you purchased a shirt it will not be at the merchandise table to claim. You must go to Farro’s Tees to ensure you have your shirts for the event. 


You will have until Sept 1,2019 to purchase or earn your commemorative shirt. If you think you will raise the required $50 for a free shirt, please do not order one right away. Due to a timeline to ensure all shirts are ready for the event, any new registrants or participants who hit the $50 mark after Sept 1, 2019 may be at risk to not receive their free event Tee-shirt. Ma22 will order an additional amount of shirts to hopefully prevent this from happening but cannot guarantee all will be fulfilled. We hope this encourages you to reach these levels before the deadline. Please note you will be able to donate to yourself at this time to reach your goal too. If you'd simply like to contribute with a donation and not ruck the 22k, we appreciate your donation! 



Teams (Sub-Campaigns) 

I’m going to tell you a little story to better explain how it works. Ted is a dude from Toms River, NJ and heard about his awesome group of vets doing big things in the area. He’s not in the best shape but he is confident he can walk 13.6 miles considering it's NOT a race and it’s a slow pace with frequent water points and (2) 30 minute rest stops. So Ted goes to and clicks “Ruck with Ma22”. Ted knows quite a few people so he then clicks “Create a Team” and names it “Ted’s Diabolical Diva’s”. Ted's pays his required $22 registration fee. Please note, Ted will need to approve any member wishing to join his team via the admin panel. It is important Ted logs in when he receives a notification someone joined his team to prevent that participant from registering several times. Even if Ted didn’t know a lot of people, he would still click “Create a Team” to begin his Army of One to help raise funds. Ted could’ve also clicked “Join a Team” if he knew Sally, a friend from high school, started “Sally’s Sensational SeaRuckers” and wanted to join forces. Ted then writes a little bit why he wants to participate in Op: Ruck iT and he sets a fundraising goal. This amount is up to you. Ted then customizes his team, invites members, and helps MA22 raise $100,000! Here’s the finer details:


  1. Click “Join a Team” to join a team of your choosing. You will be eligible for individual awards regardless if you are on your own or any other team. Team awards will be discussed in a bit. 
  2. Click “Create a Team” if you want to create a team of fundraisers OR if you are simply signing up alone. You are either a team of many or a team of one. Either way, it’s called simply a “team”.  
  3. Please share what this event means to you and then set a goal you want to raise for it. 
  4. Teams aka “Sub-Campaigns “ are totally customizable. Team owners can edit anything in their “Admin Panel”. Please feel free to change the pictures, titles of sub-campaign, and the social media summary. You can even edit the link to your team ( ) By default, each team will have what MA22 has in the Master Campaign. We encourage you to make your team.. YOURS!
  5. Next “INVITE” those you want to join your team via email, or paste the link to your team on your social media outlets. New participants can then join your team and start fundraising individually and coincidentally, your team.
  6. Please note, offline contributions can be added to individual totals only after the funds are sent and received by MA22 prior to the event. Any offline contributions need to have the participants name and Ruck iT in the memo. Please contact for more details referring to offline contributions. 



Perks & Prizes:

Remember, all participants who raise a combined (registration and donations) of $50 will receive their commemorative Op: Ruck iT shirt, FREE, and claim at the day of the event. Only those who have earned their shirt through fundraising will be able to claim a shirt the morning of the event. We will have limited extras but it will be first come, first serve basis. (No holds) There are restrooms at the starting point to change into your shirt if desired. Any individual participant raising $250 (or more) will receive a limited edition #RuckinTough hoodie 3-4 weeks after the event.. This hoodie is unlike the event design or any Ma22 design to date! 


This year's Op: Ruck iT will feature several team prizes in addition to individual top fundraiser prizes. The top three individual fundraisers will receive prizes for their feats. Last year, our first place winner walked away with an entertainment package containing items like a 55” Vizio TV, a soundbar/woofer system. Second place was a Tailgate package that included a RTIC Cooler and other “Gametime” swag. Third place had a “Wine and DIne” night out on the town with certificates for dinner, movies, gas, and adult beverage at Spirits! We will announce 2019 items as they are acquired to help you strive to win! 


We are excited to announce the “MVT” or Most Valuable Team trophy. This is a one of a kind prize that will be unveiled the day of the event. This will be given to the team that raises the most funds and will have their name inscribed for future recipients to see! Several other team prizes in the works! Stay tuned. 


Deadline for individual and team fundraising prizes is September 21, 2019 at step off (0800.. Or 8:00 am for you non military time folk). The individual $250 level #RuckinTough hoodie will be ordered and sent out after the event. So this perk will expire Oct 1, 2019 when all campaigns, including the MA22 master, expire. 


Corporate Sponsorship Tiers

There are MANY ways to get your business, organization, club, etc. involved with Operation: Ruck iT 2019! These items will fill up fast so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know where your business or organization would like to support. Your tax deductible donation will help offset expenses to make Op: Ruck iT 2019 happen. 


Tier 1 Platinum - $3,000 (1)

  • Logo on Start/Finish Banner 
  • Shout outs on radio/press interviews, BlueClaws in game messages & Ma22 Social Media
  • Logo on 400 Water bottles
  • Logo on Commemorative T-Shirt 
  • Logo on Event signage at After-party
  • Logo on Operation 2019 Event Video (after event) 

Tier 2 Gold - $1,500 (2) 

  • Logo on 400 Water bottles
  • Logo on Commemorative T-Shirt
  • Logo on Event signage at After-party
  • Logo on Operation 2019 Event Video (after event) 
  • Shout outs at BlueClaws in game messages, & Ma22 Social Media

Tier 3 Silver - $750 (4)

  • Logo on 400 Commemorative Cinch bags
  • Logo on Commemorative T-Shirt
  • Logo on Event signage at After-party
  • Logo on Operation 2019 Event Video (after event) 
  • Shout outs at BlueClaws in game messages, & Ma22 Social Media

Tier 4 Bronze - $500 (7) Individual slots - a sign will state your sponsorship (except shirt); Logo on Operation 2019 Event Video (after event) 

    • Logo on Sleeve of Commemorative T-Shirt (1)
    • Bounce House Sponsorship (1)
    • Porta-Jon Sponsorship (2)
    • Chairs & Tents (3)
    • Mechanical Bull (1)
    • Pre-event refreshments (1)
    • Dunk Tank Sponsorship (1) 
    • Beer Cups - *Closed* (1)
    • More to come

Tier 5 Premium - $250 (12)

  • Logo on Commemorative T-Shirt
  • Logo on Event signage at After-party
  • Logo on Operation 2019 Event Video (after event) 
  • Shout outs on Ma22 Social Media
  • Logo on Operation 2019 Event Video (after event) 

Tier 6 Plus - $125 (12)

  • Text on Commemorative T-Shirt (Smith Consulting, Inc.)
  • Shout outs on Ma22 Social Media

Tier 7 Kilometer Sponsors - $150 (22)

  • Logo on official Kilometer sign during event
  • “This Kilometer sponsored by: <LOGO>
  • Take sign home







Well that’s all we have for now. New announcements will be shared here on Fundrazr and on the event page on Facebook. Build your teams and get to it! See you September 21 for Operation: Ruck iT!





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