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At W4W , we recognize that periods are an incredibly taboo subject in today’s society and that is why part of our mission is to change that. At some point in time women and young girls were given the idea that menstruating is embarrassing and shameful. We have even given periods code names  because it has become inappropriate to even use the word period. Now imagine being a woman and knowing the stigma associated with periods in general, coupled with not having access to feminine hygiene products.

This is a problem that millions of women and girls, right here in the United States, face each month. Without access to proper care they are forced to use articles of clothing or other items that they can glean, to line their pants, which can lead to embarrassment, discomfort, stress and even infection.

Please consider donating to W4W today. Thank you for partnering with us. 

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Every woman, regardless of her station in life, is valuable, deserving of kindness and should always be able to retain her dignity regardless of circumstances. Imagine having to live on the streets and being unable to get access to ...

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