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Medical & Boarding Expenses

$560 raised of $1.5k goal
41 Days running

Paulie needs a blood allergy test and cytopoint injection. The estimated cost is $250.

$330 raised of $250 goal
62 Days running

Miss Fancee has a couple issues that needs attention. She has a mast cell tumor that is growing and needs removed ASAP. There is also some concern with her mamory glands. One side feels different; seems more dense than the other side.

$470 raised of $350 goal
71 Days running

Nala recently came to us from Rocky Mount where she was nearly euthanized. Thanks to Geri Dobson and her family this girl was saved. Today Geri took her to be spayed. The vet dropped the pedicle and she hemorrhaged! The pedicle is the ligament where ...

$1,670 raised of $3k goal
118 Days running

As you know, Mary Jo Bagnall is watching the dogs for Irene and BTN, and there was a incident last Friday. Honey growled and snapped at Molly and Mamma Carly came to her defense and it wasn’t good. Carly got the top half of Honey and Molly got the ...

$1,535 raised of $2k goal
134 Days running

We recently went through the worst nightmare in BTN history, with the well being of 4 dogs at stake, Lily, Osso, Ophelia, & Sparkles. Osso was being boarded at a facility that we trusted, and was eventually adopted a few months ago. Shorty after ...

$1,800 raised of $4.5k goal
162 Days running

Ophelia is currently at BARCS, is on her final plea for help, and has had ZERO interest. She needs rescue commitment by 5 pm today. Our only way to help is to board her and Kat has agreed to take her. But we need to raise $415 by 5 pm today. Thank you ...

$850 raised of $415 goal
184 Days running

Once again we are asking for help to cover Lily's boarding for the month of January. Thanks so much

$255 raised of $420 goal
199 Days running

Your support means a lot to us. Please consider donating or spreading the word about our cause.

$2,150 raised of $2.5k goal
29 Weeks running

Lily was recently returned to us and is in boarding. We were so excited that Osso was adopted, not only because he got the best home, but also because we didn't have to come up with the funds for his boarding any longer. But now we have sweet Lily. ...

$370 raised of $420 goal
32 Weeks running